Joe Biden

Like the rest of America, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign was thrown into chaos by the coronavirus outbreak.

But Biden’s desperation ultimately left Americans speechless.

That’s because Joe Biden made one demand that backfired in this major way.

For weeks on end, many Americans asked “Where’s Joe Biden?” as the former Vice President disappeared from the campaign trail after securing a string of decisive primary wins over Bernie Sanders.

Biden’s advisers finally risked putting the candidate out for interviews after they saw polls showing a bump in President Trump’s approval ratings as Americans applauded his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

But this proved to be a disastrous gamble.

In an interview with MSNBC, Biden had nothing to say.

Much like in other interviews, when journalists asked Biden what Trump should be doing, Biden criticized the President by demanding Trump take actions the administration had already undertaken or making wildly false claims.

“We don’t need the kind of talk the President is using. In fact, the President has to stop the belittling of the governors with whom he disagrees, stop making accusations that somehow some New York hospitals are — they all of a sudden, they need more masks, we ought to investigate them. Maybe they are going out the back door. What is that all about? That is bizarre, absolutely bizarre. Get the help to where it is needed now. And what they are doing right is they should let Dr. Fauci and the experts run the show, speak more, let them lay out exactly what is happening. Just tell the truth to the American people. They are tough. They can take it. But don’t mislead them.”

In fact, Donald Trump was only repeating accusations that New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo already leveled about masks being stolen from hospitals.

And Biden’s assertion that the President should let Dr. Fauci run the show fell flat coming one day after President Trump admitted that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx convinced him to keep the social distancing measures in place for 30 more days based on the projected number of deaths should the President prematurely reopen the economy.

Biden then attacked Trump by falsely claiming the President set an Easter deadline for reopening the country when in fact the President told Fox News it was merely what he would like to see happen.

“Let’s do everything in our power to do it. And the social distancing the President gets around to it really late. He talked about social distancing not being required. Then he said it is going to be required, but everybody will be in church on Easter. Now he is acknowledging that’s not going to happen. I mean, let’s just level with the American people,” Biden added.

Finally, Biden leveled a hollow attack on the President for not marshalling the private sector to produce much-needed personal protective equipment to keep healthcare workers from becoming infected when they treat the sick.

“Mr. President, let’s get things done. Let’s put the politics aside. You know we need more of everything. Why are you not insisting it be produced and demanding it using your presidential authority to get it done? Nobody disagrees with that. Get it done. Step up and do your job. Stop campaigning,” Biden ranted.

This attack landed with a thud because just hours after Biden leveled this charge, the CEOs of major American companies gathered in the Rose Garden to explain to the public how they were helping the effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Mike Lindell of announced his company would make 50,000 masks a day by the end of the week.

The President also announced that Ford and General Electric would manufacture 50,000 respirators.

This announcement came one day after the President invoked the Defense Production Act to compel General Motors to produce 100,000 respirators over the next 100 days.

Biden was left with no leg to stand on.

In the coming campaign, Biden will surely criticize the President for his response.

But this past week showed that Biden will offer up nothing but empty criticisms as Biden tries to claim he would have taken the same course of action as the President but somehow achieved a better result.

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