Former Vice President Joe Biden walked into the Iowa caucus the Democrat Party frontrunner for President.

But after the caucus meltdown, all hell is breaking loose.

And Joe Biden learned this harsh truth about his defeat from the last place he ever expected. Here is why his campaign is over.

The Iowa caucus vote reporting debacle briefly obscured one impossible to miss truth – former Vice President Joe Biden turned in a disastrous showing.

As much as the fake news tried to make the Iowa caucus vote counting debacle the story, the press’s attention zeroed in on the fact that Biden faceplanted in Iowa when a victory could have effectively sewn up the nomination.

Biden was a two-term Vice President to the most popular Democrat in America with 100 percent name identification.

And he still plummeted to a weak fourth place finish in Iowa.

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews broke down the state of play in the Democrat primary and broke the bad news to the network’s liberal audience.

Matthews worried that the Bernie Sanders faction of the party would stick with their candidate and refuse to coalesce around the eventual nominee.

The “Hardball” host fretted that fiasco in Iowa combined with Biden’s weak showing meant Democrats were on track for a contested convention.

“All night long we’ve used the word viability and I think we have to ask ourselves about the viability of the Iowa caucuses as an institution to start off this decision this country has to make to find someone to challenge Trump. But also the viability of the Democratic Party. I really think it’s got a problem. Going forward — I saw the Bernie surge there. That’s about a third of the party, but it’s not the party. And if the party gets into a civil war situation sometime this spring going into the summer, we’ve got a real disaster because if Trump isn’t challenged, that’s an historic loss for the country, if he’s not facing a serious challenger, and I wonder about that happening,” Matthews whined.

Since American politics entered the primary system of picking Presidential nominees, the party that stages the less contested nominating process usually wins.

The three incumbent Presidents that lost – Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush – all faced credible primary challengers that exposed the fact that these Presidents did not command unity and loyalty from their party’s rank and file.

In 2016 Bernie Sanders took Hillary Clinton all the way to the convention, and hurt feelings about the Democrats rigging the process led to an appreciable number of Sanders supporters staying home on Election Day or voting third party.

Democrats in 2020 appear to be replaying their bloody primary fight from 2016.

But this time the Democrats do not have a candidate in the race like Hillary Clinton – who for all her faults – controlled the Democrat Party establishment with an iron grip.

Democrats entered the 2020 election cycle with high hopes of taking back the White House.

But thanks to a weak field and divided base, that dream could go up in smoke.

Even if Biden limps across the finish line at the end of the primary season, he may arrive in Milwaukee for the national convention to claim a nomination that is not a prize worth winning.

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