Joe Biden’s campaign is a disaster.

What started off as a hopeful adventure to win the Democratic nomination for President has turned into a living nightmare.

And now, Biden just admitted his biggest regret that will leave him ruined.

Joe Biden is rapidly turning into the biggest bust in Presidential politics in decades.

Widely expected to dominate the primary field from the moment he joined the fray of 25 candidates, Biden has instead watched his campaign implode almost from the moment it got off the ground.

And the decline has only accelerated since then.

After a disastrous debate performance earlier in the primary cycle, Biden’s polling numbers have slipped and the former Vice President has had to contend with the fact that he is now being outraised and outspent by other candidates in the field as well.

Biden is on the road to losing the Democratic nomination that many once predicted was his for the taking.

And now, Biden is finally admitting that the train wreck began at the first Democratic debate of the 2020 election.

Politico reports, “Not long after his anemic performance in the first presidential debate, as his poll numbers began to slide, Joe Biden had conversations with nervous donors and personally assured them his campaign was on track.”

But the truth of the matter is that Biden’s campaign is falling to pieces, and the former Vice President knows it too.

“Many Democrats — including his own donors and admirers — continue to question whether he’s capable of recovering from a damaging first performance. They wonder whether he can exercise the discipline necessary to execute a debate plan on Wednesday, when several rivals will have an interest in taking him down,” adds Politico.

With his donors in revolt, his staff worried that he’s not up to the task, and his friends and allies fearful that it’s all starting to come undone, this next debate could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

And if Biden can’t recover from the backslide his campaign has seen over the past month, it may be the last mistake his campaign will ever make.

“Other candidates, some in desperate need of capturing the spotlight, are likely to zero in on Biden as well after watching Harris’ polling and fundraising surge following her attack on the former vice president in Miami,” reports Politico.

This could be a recipe for another debate repeat like the one Biden suffered through before.

As he remains the nominal frontrunner in the race, Biden is almost certainly going to be hit with even more attacks at the second upcoming debate.

And Democrats now know from past experience that attacking Biden gets media coverage, money, and polling, all of which many of the candidates need to improve in if they hope to stay in the race.

But for Biden, just one small mistake could be all that it takes for everything to fall apart.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.