Joe BidenJoe Biden has long been known for his bad behavior around women and girls.

But one woman was willing to stand up to his behavior.

Joe Biden was completely annihilated for his shockingly inappropriate behavior.

Earlier this year Biden received a wave of negative attention when Lucy Flores, an unsuccessful nominee for lieutenant governor of Nevada, alleged Biden inappropriately touched and kissed her while he was Vice President.

Several other women came forward with stories of how Biden had touched them, without asking their permission, in ways that made them uncomfortable.

He issued an apology and swore to be more mindful in the future, but only days later he was laughing off the allegations.

It isn’t surprising that his behavior hasn’t changed.

Jessica Roman, a 41-year-old preschool school teacher who works with special needs children, was looking to get an answer to her question about recent changes to Iowa’s collective bargaining laws.

Biden rambled in an answer that was more of “a very well-rehearsed list” than an actual answer to her question.

While he was talking, he took both her hands in both of his and held them for the entirety of the answer.

“I think that he means well but, you know, he grabbed my hands right away and that was really uncomfortable,” she told the Washington Examiner. “He was very close and, in my mind, I’m like, this is part of our problem: Not recognizing that you need to ask first, or can I shake your hand? Not just grab your hands and hang onto them. That bothers me.”

Biden has routinely ignored his staff that are constantly reminding him to be more careful in his physical contact.

He doesn’t have enough self-control to act in a way that will benefit himself.

But he might be able to get away with it because the media is far more likely to report wild inaccurate allegations against Republicans than to report documented harassment that a Democrat commits.

Do you think that Biden’s behavior towards women makes him unqualified to be the Democratic candidate?

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