Joe BidenJoe Biden’s campaign is in trouble.

The Democrat frontrunner is quickly losing steam in the primaries after a series of high-profile mistakes.

And Biden made one desperate move that proves his campaign is in serious jeopardy.

Joe Biden has some difficult questions to answer regarding corruption in Ukraine.

Biden bragged about withholding hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from Ukraine unless they fired prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

The rationale was that Shokin was not effectively investigating corruption in the country.

Biden got his wish and Shokin was fired.

But it gets more complicated than that.

Shokin was investigating a company of which Biden’s son Hunter was a board member earning $50,000 doing absolutely nothing.

And Shokin swore in an affidavit that he was fired specifically for pursuing Hunter Biden.

Trump’s attorney and surrogate Rudy Giuliani brought this attention to light, and for that reason, Biden wants him silenced.

In a bold move, Biden’s team drafted a letter to all the major news networks to implore them to stop inviting Giuliani onto their shows.

Biden’s desperate move shows that he’s cooked.

He’s afraid of what Giuliani will explain to the American people.

And the more the Democrats push to impeach Trump on the absurd notion that he brokered a nefarious deal with Ukraine, the more attention is paid to the very real scandal involving the Bidens.

But Biden’s move speaks to deeper levels of corruption.

First, Biden believes that the networks are in place to further the Democratic agenda.

He can’t fathom the idea of an effective surrogate appearing on liberal media outlets.

Second, Biden had the hubris to believe the networks would actually go along with it.

Biden’s two assumptions expose the rot within the so-called mainstream media.

The Democrats believe the media is their plaything.

They don’t believe news stations are there to inform; they’re there to perform how the Democrats desire.

It wouldn’t even occur to a Republican to urge the mainstream media to blackball an analyst they didn’t like.

They know it would be laughed out of the room.

But the Democrats think the media belong to them.

It’s what the late Andrew Breitbart called the Democrat Media Complex.

Every mainstream media outlet is geared toward preserving, protecting, and propagandizing on behalf of the left.

Thus far, the media have dutifully attempted to protect Biden in the Ukrainian scandal.

But there are too many red flags to ignore.

For example, Biden said he never discussed business with his son, but a recent photo surfaced showing the former Vice President playing golf with his son and an executive at the Ukrainian energy company that was embroiled in scandal.

Biden’s campaign probably won’t survive this.

The endless gaffes have been embarrassing enough.

But a foreign policy scandal is enough to crush Biden, especially after three years of selling the Russia hoax to the American people.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time before Biden folds and loses ground to one of the rabid socialists nipping at his heels.