Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s repeated scandals are too big even for Democrats to tolerate.

There’s a mutiny growing that Biden can’t control.

Joe Biden collapsed when he found out what Democrats are saying behind his back.

The mainstream media is the only group that can shrug off the growing mountain of evidence against Biden.

Biden is old, and not in a good way.

Biden does not come across like a wise, grandfatherly figure who has learned well from his years, but more of a creepy uncle who you try to avoid at family gatherings.

The most compelling reason that Democrats can give for Joe Biden being president is that he’s better than Trump.

That’s not a strong marketing pitch from people who think Trump is completely evil.

If the devil himself walked into CNN, they would probably consider him a fine, outstanding citizen compared to Trump.

There are very few members of the Democratic Party who have a worse reputation than Joe Biden at this point.

His scandals of political subterfuge, nepotism, sexual assault and mental incompetence have made him the laughingstock of the internet.

The Democrats are trying to stop the content but it just isn’t working.

Twitter suspended an account for sharing a meme that showed Biden getting endorsed by Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping.

Despite the fact that Joe Biden tried to get people to generate positive memes for him, Biden learned in a Vanity Fair interview with Peter Hamby that the results are generally derogatory.

“Harvard did an analysis of all of the anti-Biden memes out there on the internet,” Hamby said to Biden. “According to them, the top three slogans they’re seeing, this is from the left and the right, are Dementia Joe, Sleepy Joe, Creepy Joe.”

“Barack Obama reportedly said last week that his daughters had been showing him anti-Biden TikToks,” he added. “Basically, there’s an entire discourse on the internet right now that’s painting you as creepy and old and out of touch and kind of lame.”

“How do you fight back against that?” Hamby asked.

Biden’s answer shows just how out of touch he is with the current generation and tried to discount the importance of the internet.

“The vast majority of the voters out there, including young people, are not getting all their news from the internet,” Biden claimed. “But I’m trying to compete there. We’re getting started late in the comparative sense. One hundred and two million video views across social media platforms since mid-March for me. And in addition to that, we’re trying to get out with a message that relates to the reality of what people are facing.”

Most young people aren’t sitting around watching cable news, candidates like Bernie Sanders with a strong presence among young voters have a strong internet campaign.

Joe Biden’s live internet event had seven minutes of dead screen time with a black screen, and during another event the Biden campaign had to shut down the comments because they were predominantly Sanders’ supporters.

Biden can’t just laugh off the issue by saying that the internet isn’t important.

This mistake will come back to haunt him.