Former Vice President Joe Biden looked to seize on the coronavirus outbreak to boost his presidential campaign.

But there are some lines politicians don’t cross.

And Joe Biden betrayed America for China by spreading this lie about the coronavirus.

The latest fake news myth about the coronavirus is that so-called “reporters” and Democrats are claiming Donald Trump is responsible for the coronavirus outbreak ravaging the American way of life.

President Trump banned travel from China early on and set up a task force to manage the federal government response to the pandemic.

With nothing but fake news hoaxes about the federal response to rest their narrative on, the left turned to what they claimed was a concrete fact.

And that was the idea that the United States – with over 300,000 cases – had the number one coronavirus outbreak in the world.

Former Vice President Biden seized on this talking point to harp on the fact that President Trump betrayed the American people by allegedly not preparing for the coronavirus to break out in America.

“Donald Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus, but he is responsible for failing to prepare our nation: for the months during which he continually neglected dire warnings from experts and downplayed the threat to us, and for the erratic and unacceptably slow federal response that has tragically lagged behind other countries,” Biden wrote in a piece posted to Medium.

“Now we have more coronavirus cases than anywhere in the world, and that is dealing body-blows to our economy and to the welfare and well-being of millions upon millions of Americans,” Biden stated.

Biden read this lie straight out of the propaganda playbook of the communist Chinese government.

Official tallies list China recording just over 80,000 cases of coronavirus with over 3,000 deaths.

Few believed these numbers at the time.

Later, reports emerged that locals in Wuhan estimated they saw between 42,000 and 45,000 urns containing the remains of coronavirus victims.

Using the one percent mortality rate that experts believe is reasonable for the coronavirus, that translates to approximately 4.5 million Chinese suffering infection by the coronavirus.

And that is just in Wuhan.

China eventually locked down the Hubei province with tens of millions more residents.

The “official” Chinese numbers are a lie and Americans like Biden that repeat them are aiding and abetting a hostile foreign government.

Many Americans were appalled that Biden would so willingly act as a propaganda agent for the Chinese government.

Biden is running because he claims the “soul of the nation” is at risk.

But critics contend that a president that regularly repeats foreign propaganda as fact cannot bridge the divide in America because they are not loyal to America.

The American people will judge how President Trump and former Vice President Biden handled themselves in this crisis.

And they could render an unfavorable verdict on Biden’s conduct if they judge him to be a dupe of the Chinese government.

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