Donald Trump may be just weeks away from firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions has worked hard the last few months to save his job.

But he just got a big wakeup call on the worst way he let Donald Trump down.

Jeff Sessions Lets Down Donald Trump On The Deep State

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions runs the Justice Department.

The FBI – contrary to popular belief – reports to him.

Sessions frustrated Republicans by allowing the FBI to thumb its nose at the Constitution.

Article I grants Congress oversight power over the Executive Branch.

The FBI is part of the Executive Branch.

Congressional Republicans spent months trying to figure out the truth behind the FBI’s efforts to spy on the Trump campaign.

But the FBI refused to comply with their document requests.

Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Futures program to discuss the FBI’s obstruction.

Bartiromo pressed Ratcliffe to answer why Rosenstein refused to comply with Congresses constitutional oversight authority.

She asked him, “You have got to explain to me how it is that somebody who OKed, gave the green light on the FISA warrant based on all of this unverified information — I’m talking about Rod Rosenstein — the same guy who wrote a letter to have Jim Comey fired, and then was upset that the president mentioned that he wrote the letter to get Comey fired, the same guy who is running the DOJ today who has been sitting on documents that you and your colleagues have been asking for, for more information about how this all came up, this is the same individual who’s overseeing the Robert Mueller investigation?”

Ratcliffe Explains How Jeff Sessions Failed Donald Trump

Ratcliffe explained how the Deep State and the FBI ignored Congresses document requests.

He blamed Sessions for not appointing a second special counsel.

“Well, the reason for that, Maria, is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not appointed a special counsel,” Ratcliffe began.

He continued, “Think about the extraordinary circumstance that you just described. The head of the FBI, acting Director Andy McCabe, and the head of the Department of Justice with respect to the Russia investigation, Rod Rosenstein, in direct conflict with one another, each accusing the other of not telling the truth with regard to whether or not someone wanted to record the president of the United States.”

Ratcliffe explained why a special counsel was necessary.

“That’s why we have special counsel provisions. The FBI and the Department of Justice cannot be expected to fairly investigate that matter, when the heads of both of those components at the Department of Justice are in direct conflict. There should be a special counsel, so that we can get answers to these questions,” he concluded.

Jeff Sessions worked to implement Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown.

No one can take that away from him.

He also reversed Obama’s transgender guidelines.

But he failed in the most important area – draining the swamp by cracking down on the Deep State.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.