Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the hot seat.

Rumors are flying around Washington that Trump will fire Sessions at any moment.

But Sessions stepped up and tried to save his job with this shocking move.

Jeff Sessions Under Fire

Donald Trump is fed up with Jeff Sessions.

Trump sees the Justice Department target his allies and ignore his enemies.

The double standard is clear.

Trump blasted Sessions leadership when he tweeted:

Sessions Holds A Key Meeting

Sessions met with state Attorney General’s to brief Sessions on their findings on social media bias against conservatives.

Sessions is reportedly open to probing tech giant’s anti-conservative bias.

This issue gained steam after Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple all banned pro-Trump radio host Alex Jones.

They claimed it was because of “hate speech.”

Conservatives worried about this move because liberals believe all conservative speech is “hate speech.”

In addition, Tucker Carlson got his hands on emails which showed Google tried to rig the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton.

Google worked with liberal groups to get Hispanic voters to the polls in key states.

The executive described the program as a “silent donation.”

Jeff Sessions Job Performance

Some Trump supporters still defend Jeff Sessions.

They watched as he carried out Trump’s immigration crackdown.

Sessions is the most rock solid supporter of Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.

He opposes unfair trade deals and open borders.

Ann Coulter pointed this out on Twitter.

She wrote:

But Trump and many of his supporters cannot get past Sessions’ weakness in the Russia investigation.

Sessions stepped away from the probe.

That allowed Deep State agent Rod Rosenstein to send Mueller after Trump.

Trump believes Sessions’ decision set a whole series of events in motion that have threatened his Presidency.

Many of Trump’s supporters agree with this.

They do not believe Sessions was loyal enough to Trump.

Trump Drops Hints About Firing Sessions

Trump told Bloomberg that Sessions job was safe through November.

Republican Senators hinted Trump would make a move after the election.

But who would Trump select to replace Sessions?

Conservatives want to know the answer to that question.

They do not want to see RINOs like Chris Christie or Rudy Giuliani get the job.

In addition, Trump’s new Attorney General pick will have to swear to allow Mueller to finish his probe.

The Senate will not confirm anyone they think will fire Mueller.

Firing Sessions will not solve the Mueller problem.

Mueller’s probe will hang over Trump for as long as Mueller wants.

But if Trump wants to fire Sessions, that is his right.

Sessions serves at the pleasure of the President.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.