Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been the center of attention in Washington.

Speculation has swirled about his next move.

Now he’s set to make an announcement that will shake Washington to its core.

Donald Trump has been demanding action on the illegal leaks of classified information.

During his administration, a Senate investigation found 126 national security leaks in 125 days.

Not only are the leaks of classified information illegal, but the leaks compromise operations and damage national security.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“The Trump administration faced 125 leaked stories—one leak a day—containing information that is potentially damaging to national security under the standards laid out in a 2009 Executive Order signed by President Barack Obama,” according to the report, which examined open-source material published during the first months of the Trump administration.

The investigations discovered at least “125 stories with leaked information potentially damaging to national security,” according to the report, which states that “even a narrow search revealed leaks of comparable information during the Trump administration that were about seven times higher than the same period during the two previous administrations.”

The leaks are kneecapping the Trump administration and preventing it from protecting the United States.

“President Trump and his administration have faced apparent leaks on nearly a daily basis, potentially imperiling national security at a time of growing threats at home and abroad,” the report states. “The commander-in-chief needs to be able to effectively manage U.S. security, intelligence operations and foreign relations without worrying that his most private meetings, calls and deliberations will be outed for the entire world to see.”

Trump – as well as his supporters – were beginning to grumble about the lack of progress in prosecuting the leakers.

That all changed with one Jeff Sessions announcement.

The Attorney General is set to provide an update on the leak investigations that will show the administration is cracking down on criminal leaks.

Axios reports:

“..Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to release figures showing a jump in the number of leak cases pursued so far this year, compared to all of last year. The figures will be finalized today.

  • Administration officials believe the increase isbecause there’s more leaking going on (including by Obama appointees who remained in government), and because the Justice Department is being aggressive in going after them.

  • The event announcing the leak war is expected to includeofficials from both the DOJ and intelligence community.

  • A senior administration official said one purposeof the public announcement of the figures is to try to curtail the “culture of leaks”: “Leaks beget more leaks.”

Sessions troubles have past.

Now he is determined to enforce the law and turn off the flow of illegal leaks.

Will he succeed?

Let us know in the comment section.