Jeb Bush is no fan of Donald Trump and conservatives.

He tried to sabotage Trump in the election.

But now all hell is breaking loose when Bush said this about Donald Trump and Fox News.

Jeb Bush Attacks The Trump Agenda

Donald Trump won the election because of his strong stance on immigration.

Americans were sick of pro-amnesty, pro-open borders RINOs like Jeb Bush.

Politicians like Bush put the needs of illegal aliens ahead of American citizens.

Trump promised to put America first.

Donald Trump has tried to make the immigration system work for Americans.

He pushed to end chain migration, the diversity lottery, and move America to a merit based immigration system.

Bush claimed on Fox News, “Our party is advocating restricting legal immigration as well. And I think that’s foolhardy beyond belief. There’s a way to reform the legal immigration system that would be a catalyst for sustained economic growth and we need it because our demography is going the wrong way.”

Bush then pivoted away from Trump and began attacking Fox News and talk radio hosts.

“There are quite a few people that have a larger megaphone if you will that seem either threatened by what they perceive to be a changing country that is less white perhaps … basically, there’s a concern that we’ve lost our way and immigrants are kind of easy to single out with vitriol,” he ranted.

Bush concluded, “There’s examples of cable news shows that talk about an illegal immigrant or a legal immigrant that commits an atrocious crime, murder, family loses their loved one and that seems to get a lot more attention than crime throughout America.”

Jeb Bush Attacks Fox News

 Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham support Trump’s America First immigration agenda.

They point out that mass migration leads to the breakdown of social cohesion.

Establishment Republicans despise them for this.

They secretly agree with the media that they are racist.

Republicans like Jeb Bush also agree with the media on the need for open borders and mass migration.

But they also know that talk radio and conservative media fueled the grassroots backlash that killed the 2007 and 2013 amnesty bills.

Their big money donors want an endless supply of cheap labor.

They don’t want to pay Americans higher wages.

So they demand Congress throw open the borders so they can import low-wage workers.

Jeb Bush’s Disturbing History

Jeb Bush also holds a strong level of disrespect for American citizens.

At a Hispanic Leadership Network event in 2013, he suggested “repopulating” Detroit with immigrants.

“It just seems to me that maybe if you open up our doors in a fair way and unleashed the spirit of peoples’ hard work, Detroit could become in really short order, one of the great American cities again,” Bush said. “Now it would look different, it wouldn’t be Polish…But it would be just as powerful, just as exciting, just as dynamic. And that’s what immigration does and to be fearful of this, it just seems bizarre to me.”

Americans were shocked that Bush did not believe native born Americans could make Detroit great.

They were also appalled by his racist attacks on Fox News hosts and their audience.

Experts believe this was just the start.

RINOs like Jeb Bush will fight to rip control of the Republican Party away from the conservative grassroots.

Hurling racist smears was step one.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.