Donald Trump and his supporters have claimed rogue elements inside the government are conspiring against him.

This conspiracy is known as the Deep State.

The media denies it exists, but James Comey was caught in a lie about the Deep State that will confirm your worst fears.

On Comey’s book tour, the former FBI Director has repeatedly been pressed about the idea that there is a Deep State plotting to bring down the President.

During a CNN town hall, he downplayed the idea.

The Daily Caller reports:

“I hear this term deep state all the time,” the former FBI director claimed. “There is no deep state, but there is a deep culture and a commitment to the rule of law, equal protection of the laws.”

“The fundamental values that are at the core of our constitution that runs really deep in the FBI, the Justice Department as a whole, the intelligence community. The United States military services.”

 “It is the ballast that gives me comfort and I hope should give all Americans comfort,” he continued. “But that can be damaged in any significant ways. I don’t think any president serves long enough to damage, to flip that ship over, but if we are silent, tremendous damage will be done that will take us time to recover.”

But that wasn’t the same story Comey told a week earlier.

In an appearance in New York City, Comey stated the Deep State existed.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Speaking to the crowd, Comey said: ‘There is a deep state in this sense. There is a collection of people, CIA, NSA, FBI in the United State military services who care passionately about getting it right, who care passionately about the values we try to talk about.

‘No matter how they vote or how they talk at home, try desperately to do the right thing. That is deep, that is unchangeable actually. 

‘No president at a single term could screw it up. It would take generations to change the culture of the United States military in its essence, federal law enforcement, of intelligence community. It would take generations, and that should comfort us.

‘There is a ballast, there is deep ballast in America. There is not a deep state conspiring against the elected leadership of our government. 

‘In fact the adherence to values and the loyalty to the nation makes all of those people who are the ballast of this country desperately want the elected leadership of this country to succeed.’”

Comey may claim they are not acting out of hatred of the President, but the operators inside the government who are illegally leaking classified information are trying to destroy Trump.

The Deep State’s loyalty is to the system.

Donald Trump was elected to shake it up.

Characters like Comey praise and defend the system because it works to their benefit.

A perfect example is how he let Hillary Clinton walk, meanwhile, Bob Mueller is trying to throw the book at Trump associates.

Despite Comey’s flowery language, the Deep State exists to preserve business as usual in Washington.

Trump is a threat to the status quo.

Do you agree with James Comey that a deep state exists to preserve the norms and accepted ways of Washington?

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