James Comey had a plan to get Donald Trump.

It kicked off with illegal leaks to force the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

And now he may have revealed just how far he is willing to go to seek his ultimate revenge on Donald Trump.

A twitter account associated with James Comey had the political world buzzing when it posted a series of photos from a trip to Iowa.

Tongues were wagging across the press because people in and around politics only travel to Iowa for one reason – to build up their name recognition ahead of a Presidential run.

Iowa is home to the first in the nation caucuses.

Did Comey just reveal he was testing the waters for a challenge to Trump?

And does Comey hate Trump so much for firing him that he would go to any lengths to drive Trump from office?

The collusion investigation that Comey set in motion is a bust.

After over a year of digging, no one has produced one shred of evidence that Trump – or his campaign – colluded with the Russians.

If Comey is going to succeed in exacting his revenge on Trump, he may have to pursue the political path.

Do you think James Comey will challenge Trump for President?

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