Donald Trump has warned Americans that there is a Deep State within the federal government actively working to sabotage his presidency.

Illegal leaks, biased FBI agents and covert spying campaigns were just the tip of the iceberg.

Former FBI Director James Comey sent out a message that just confirmed President Trump’s worst fears about the Deep State.

For months, the so-called “mainstream” media has peddled fake news that there is no such thing as the Deep State.

Journalists and pundits mocked President Trump for his assertions that shadowy forces embedded in the bureaucracy were plotting in secret to sink his administration.

The fake news tried pushback on Trump claiming that top ranking FBI and intelligence community officials – especially the Obama holdovers who remained in place while Trump’s nominee waited to be confirmed – were straight shooters who never let their hatred of Donald Trump interfere with their ability to perform their jobs.

That laughable assertion began to collapse as the true story of James Comey’s time at the FBI became known.

Comey used spies against Trump’s campaign and utilized the fake news Christopher Steele dossier as the primary evidence to obtain a FISA warrant to wiretap Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Comey – as well as his defenders in the media – claimed that all of these actions were legitimate and were not tainted by his hatred of Donald Trump.

The final blow to Comey’s credibility was a recent tweet where Comey declared that every American who didn’t vote for the Democrats this fall was a traitor to America.

The disgraced former FBI Director tweeted:

This Republican Congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the Founders’ design that “Ambition must … counteract ambition.” All who believe in this country’s values must vote for Democrats this fall. Policy differences don’t matter right now. History has its eyes on us.

If Comey doesn’t want to have his actions viewed through the prism of partisan politics than he should never have revealed his true colors to the world.

This tweet is all the evidence Trump supporters need to prove that every decision Comey made as FBI Director should be judged based on how they advanced his goals of destroying Donald Trump.

Comey’s social media posting also completely vindicates Trump’s May 2017 decision to fire Comey.

When Comey informed Trump that the FBI Director would give Trump “honest loyalty” he was lying.

Comey’s loyalty was to the Deep State and the plot to force Trump from office.

The FBI Director at any point in time could have stated that Donald Trump was not under investigation.

But his public refusal to comment on the matter fed the media narrative that the FBI was actively investigating President Trump for collusion with Russia.

Multiple lawmakers – including Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley – have implied that Comey and other Department of Justice officials have made it clear behind closed doors that Trump is not a target of the investigation.

Comey would never repeat in public what he was willing to say behind closed doors.

The argument that Comey made these comments in classified briefings does not hold water since a)Comey was more than willing to leak confidential memos to his friends – a decision which has landed him under investigation and b) Comey’s tweet shows his decision to remain silent and Trump’s status and allow a cloud of suspicion to hover over his administration was made out of partisan animus.

Comey’s actions prove that not only is the Deep State real, but that the intelligence community at the highest levels of the FBI were a cesspool of bias and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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