Former FBI Director James Comey is not giving up his quest to destroy Donald Trump.

The disgraced ex-FBI Director is still plotting to remove the President from office.

And he just dropped this bombshell about his newest plan to take out Trump.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace – a fake Republican who supports abortion, gun control and amnesty – interviewed Comey at the 92nd Street YMCA in Manhattan.

Comey’s interview made waves for the stark language he used about the American people needing to vote Trump out of office in 2020.

Comey began these remarks by signaling he did not think Trump should be impeached.

“The people that can hold him accountable for that is us,” Comey began. “That’s not the Department of Justice’s job. That’s our job. Not to become numb to it and to stand up and participate in holding him accountable to those norms.”

The former FBI Director – who once claimed to be a life-long Republican – ranted and raved that Trump supporters were extremists and that ‘sensible’ Americas would rise up against the President and throw him out of the White House.

“I think of the American voting population as a giant bell curve. At the wings are where the wingnuts are,  in the middle are mostly people unengaged, that giant is awakening because of things like this and we have to continue to awaken the giant so we’re going to have an election in less than two years, we must hold him accountable,” Comey ranted.

The former FBI Director then took aim at Trump’s behavior.

“It’s not a Republican thing or it’s a Democratic thing, it’s an American thing because this is unacceptable behavior the leader of our country,” Comey concluded.

This interview raised several questions.

First, critics pointed out that if Comey held this much hatred in his heart for the President, how could he claim he acted in objective fashion during the 2016 campaign?

Comey signed off on a host of highly controversial actions – using human spies and FISA warrants just to name a couple – as part of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into possible Trump-Russia collusion.

Given that Comey laid bare his true feelings about Trump, it adds more evidence to the case that the FBI’s decision to spy on the Trump campaign was made out of bad faith.

Comey wasn’t concerned with patriotic duty to protect the integrity of the electoral process.

He wanted to get to Donald Trump and used every tool at his disposal – including abusing his power – to try and ruin Trump’s campaign.

Americans also wondered if this interview affected the FBI’s ability to track down leakers.

When Comey was FBI Director, several illegal leaks of classified information made their way into the press.

The most famous one was a leak to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius that incoming National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had been caught on wiretapped conversations having a perfectly legal discussion with the Russian ambassador about the Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia for their alleged actions during the election.

The FBI never found who leaked that information.

Was it because Comey approved of the anti-Trump leak campaign and didn’t want to help hold his Deep State comrades accountable?

These are serious questions that deserve real answers.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.