sniperRecent surveys of Americans prove one of their biggest fears is the uncontested rise of the Islamic State.

Part of the reason they’re so fearful is because the believe Obama is doing very little to protect them from the ever growing Muslim group.

And of course if you were to survey members of ISIS about who they’re afraid of, well, Obama’s not even on their radar.

The reason why is because Obama’s done almost nothing to discourage ISIS from continuing to recruit. His policies on ISIS can only be considered failed attempts to dampen their resolve.

The good news is even though Obama’s not doing anything worthwhile to stop ISIS there is a new threat on the rise, and it’s one ISIS nor Obama could have predicted.

A mystery sniper has been taking aim at top ISIS agents and rendering them ineffective with well placed shots.

Just this past week one of ISIS’s top recruiters was killed by this sniper. His victim was known as Neil Prakash in his homeland of Australia, he would later be known as Abu Khaled al-Cambodi when he moved to the Middle East.

His job? He was assigned by  ISIS to recruit young adults out of Syria to join up and join their cause for a global caliphate.

His death is a big deal.

As The Blaze writes:

It was not long after Prakash arrived in Syria in 2013 that he became a crucial player in advancing the conglomerate now known as the Islamic State. Prakash appears prominently in one of the group’s propaganda videos, urging fellow Australian “brothers” to rise up against their government.

The Islamic State listed him in recruitment handbooks as a contact person for young radicals hoping to join the terror cult.

Julie Bishop, foreign affairs minister to the U.K., told parliament that he had “sought to commission violent terrorist acts, including in Australia, and to recruit others, including young Australian women and girls, to travel to Syria and Iraq to join the Daesh terrorists.”

Though IS has confirmed Prakash’s death, as of Monday morning, the Australian government has yet to confirm his passing.

The reason his death is causing ripples of fear is because he was believed to be killed by a sniper by the name of  “Daesh Hunter.”

Daesh is a  derogatory nickname for ISIS militants.

Many top officials for ISIS are believed to have been killed by this unknown assassin.

It was just a few weeks ago where several of them were killed in the hometown of now deceased Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddaffi.

These first killings are what caused ISIS to begin searching for the “Daesh Hunter,”  as the wave of assassinations signaled to them they were now being targeted by an unseen enemy; and it now has them shaking in their boots.

According to Mirror, one source said there is now a “state of terror” among the Islamic State higher-ups. The same source reported that militant leaders ”randomly shot in the air to scare inhabitants” while looking for the sniper.

The recent killing of Prakash is thought to be the work of the same gunman, who is thought to have become something of a hero to those living in the city under ISIS rule.

Think about if Obama had enlisted the help of a Chris Kyle type to take care of ISIS.

Think he might be able to do better than “Daesh Hunter?”

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