Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.35.47 PMThe reason Obama is so dang popular in blue states across the country really isn’t all that hard to figure out.

Under his “leadership” (if you want to call it that) he’s managed to broaden the scope of entitlement programs to such a degree that nearly 1 out of 6 Americans is being paid by the government.

Conservatives have been crying foul because these programs don’t do anything to bolster the economy and actually harm the ability of hard-working folks to adequately provide for their own families.

Well one notoriously blue state, full of freeloading welfare recipients, is now forcing 50,000 welfare recipients out of their entitlement programs and cutting their food stamps benefits.

Liberals are outraged, but the truth is Indiana is just following their law that says any able-bodied individual with children isn’t eligible for welfare programs like food stamps.

Now that the 50,000 welfare recipients have been ejected from the SNAP system they have to get jobs to provide for their families.

It’s a sad day when the concept of working to feed your family is foreign to a 50,000 Americans.

Fox 59 reports this is going to have a significant affect on the states’s food banks.

They write:

Lawmakers have decided the economy is back to a spot where if you’re using food stamps, and you’re able, you should have a job.

The impact is being felt far beyond just those that use the federal program.

“Anytime there’s a change to a government program, it does impact all of us,” said John Whitaker, the Executive Director of the Midwest Food Bank.

“Currently one out of six Hoosiers uses a food bank or a pantry. That will certainly, probably go up,” he said.

At the Midwest Food Bank, millions of Hoosiers are fed every year, across the 58 counties it serves.

Whitaker is anticipating an influx of people no longer on food stamps to use food pantries across the state. He’s asking now for help from the community to feed thousands more mouths.

Truthfully this is how the country is supposed to run.

Liberals often complain conservatives are evil because they don’t want to help feed the poor.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Conservatives want it so the government isn’t legalizing theft to keep people on the government dime in an attempt to win political favor.

No doubt the food pantries in the state of Indiana will manage to provide for the increase in individuals accessing their food stores.

And you can be darn sure the majority of the people supporting those programs are hard-working conservatives who know what it’s like to struggle to keep their families fed.