Eric HolderThough Obama won’t dare make an appearance in Ferguson, he didn’t hesitate to send his lap dog, Attorney General Eric Holder, down to the embattled Missouri city to render a judgment on what’s been happening.

Eric Holder as you might well know, loves to take any situation that is inflamed by actual or contrived racism, and make sure his opinion on the division of America is well known.

So it’s no surprise that Holder is using this situation to make it known that “he too is a black man,” and thus sympathizes with the plight of blacks in Ferguson.

Now this isn’t to deny the fact that there are some real issues at stake.

Yes, racial profiling exists, but what’s especially maddening is how anything and everything right now can become a race issue.

Recent reports support officer Darren Wilson, who is reported to have fired six shots at Michael Brown.

Some eye witnesses have corroborated accounts that Brown was not acting passively and in fact was the aggressor when he was shot.

The last thing Eric Holder needs to be talking about at this point in time is his personal experience as a black man and winning the sympathy of protestors… instead, as the nation’s supreme legal prosecutor, he should be concerned entirely about the nature of evidence available so as to bring real justice to light.

That’s what his visit should be about.

Not using this to create a media opp for bashing oppressive “white privilege.”

Darren Wilson has been condemned by nearly everyone nationwide because he is a white cop who shot an unarmed black man.

And Holder is going to use this story to further his vendetta against his perceived enemy: “Wealthy White Americans.”

It’s hard to stomach… but this is what’s happening in our country today.

NOTE: If you’re interested in fighting back, here’s one little step you can take to take the power back.