us-capitol-building-826991_640America was founded on several basic premises.

As the constitution says so eloquently states, we have been all created with indelible rights, those of which should not and cannot be restricted by the institution of government.

One of those basic rights we’re to enjoy is the ability to keep and bear arms for the preservation of life and security.

It’s a right that’s increasingly come under attack by liberals who see guns as a natural enemy. Conservatives of all stripes can see right through their petitions to limit our  exercise of this basic amendment for what it truly is, a chance to hack away a basic freedom so the government can relegate us to nothing more than slaves in a grand system of feudalism.

Interestingly enough many  of their attempts to convince Americans guns are evil and a tool of murder have resulted in a result opposite of what they hoped for.

In light of the media’s constant focus on mass shootings and terrorist attacks gun ownership continues to climb.

Correspondingly the murder rates in the most armed areas drop.

The good news is people are taking notice, even those who you would least expect.

After the attacks in Paris, France left more than 130 dead those charged with helping to protect us here at home have been offering up suggestions as to how Americans could protect themselves if similar events took place here.

Cathy Lanier who’s the police chief in our nation’s capital said something so controversial and so confounding it left liberals all over scratching their heads wondering how much ground they just lost.

She said the best hope the average American has in a situation like this is to hope someone there is armed so they can neutralize the threat as soon as possible.

Breitbart news writes:

In a 60 Minutes interview scheduled to air November 22, Washington DC police chief Cathy Lanier said taking out the gunmen in a Paris-style attack is the “best option” for citizens between the time they call 911 and the moment police arrive.

Lanier said citizens basically have three options–they can “run, hide, or fight.” And she said choosing to “take the gunman out” is the best option if the citizen is in a position to do so.

According to CBS News, Lanier said, “If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.” She admitted that such advice runs “counterintuitive” to what police have been saying for decades, but she stressed that the situation has changed.

Lanier said: “We always tell people, ‘Don’t…don’t take action. Call 911. Don’t intervene in the robbery’…we’ve never told people, ‘Take action.’ [But] it’s a different…scenario.”

She also made clear that she does not want Americans to be paranoid, but she does want them to be alert and prepared.

In January 2013, Breitbart News reported that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke asked county residents to get a gun and familiarize themselves with it so they could use it to defend their lives between the time they dialed 911 and the time police arrived. Since that time, other law enforcement and public figures have urged citizens to arm up for self-defense; advising against the old tactic of compliance and passivity in the face of life-threatening danger.

In August of this year, Louisiana Sheriff Jeff Wiley “urged women to get concealed-weapons permits” so they could keep a gun with them with which to defend their lives. And on October 2–just one day after the Umpqua Community College gunman allegedly lined up victims and questioned them about their religion before killing them–Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R) urged “Christians” to get a concealed carry permit in order to defend their lives against religiously-motivated attacks, according to The Washington Times.

DC police chief Lanier is now the most recent law enforcement figure to break with the old pacifist dogma.

It’s a sad state of affairs when common sense reasoning like this is music to our ears.

Conservative Americans rightly insist they should be able to own guns in order to protect themselves both from enemies foreign and domestic. The fact more people in positions of authority don’t realize this (or at least embrace it) shows how our world has shifted from pragmatism, to idealism, which in a world full of evil will never work.

Are you surprised Lanier actually said this?

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