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To sit on the Supreme Court of the United States Of America is to sit in one of the most powerful seats held by any American.

Yet to be nominated for a seat isn’t just a huge honor, it’s also a huge responsibility.

Presently the future of our Supreme Court is one of the most uncertain things Americans have to worry about. After Judge Antonin Scalia passed away earlier in the year, his vacancy is believed to be filled by a left-leaning justice who will help further advance the Marxist ideals of the Democratic party (should Hillary win that is).

Given the future of the U.S. body politick is quite uncertain at this point in time, it might come as a shock to learn there could soon be another vacancy on the Court… and it’s not one that you’re going to be excited about.

Reports are that Justice Clarence Thomas is entertaining the idea of retiring and giving up his seat on the bench.

While nothing is certain, insiders closest to the justice say he could make his decision as soon as the end of the year.

Those who are familiar with Thomas and who watch the court closely say it could happen as soon as the elections in November.

Of course his decision to retire would rest solely on who is elected to office in November. Those in the know say if Clinton were elected there’s no way Thomas would leave as he knows leaving a gap in the conservative justice base would severely hamper the conservative movement’s ability to protect the constitution.

However, should Trump be elected then it is conceivable Thomas might leave knowing full well Trump would likely nominate a strong conservative who would help protect our great nation.

But what does Thomas say about all of this?

Mums the word apparently.

However if you ask his wife she’ll tell you that anything you hear about Thomas mulling retirement is completely false.

In a post she wrote:

For all those who are contacting me about the possibility of my husband retiring, I say — unsubscribe from those false news sources and carry on with your busy lives.

IT. IS. BOGUS! Paul Bedard needs to find a phone in his life and unnamed sources are worth as much as their transparency is.

A funny close friend wrote me: “Next we’ll hear that you and he have bought a small private island near Nevis, with a large satellite dish so that all the Nebraska college sports games won’t be missed, and a large Green Egg that can slow cook the indigenous wild boar. Let us know when you are shipping off so we can all chip in to buy a suitable retirement present for your husband — perhaps matching lounge chairs and umbrellas.”

Are you worried about Thomas leaving the bench?

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