Adam SchiffAfter days of public impeachment hearings, the American people are ready to deliver their verdict on the proceedings.

Democrats nervously awaited results.

And these brand new impeachment polls just smacked Adam Schiff with this bad news.

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt is now officially a political disaster.

After multiple days of hours-long testimony, the American people can judge for themselves the case the Democrats are building.

The news for the Democrats is not good.

A brand new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found opposition to impeachment spiking to its highest levels since early October.

Independent voters powered the rise in opposition to impeachment.

In the last week’s poll, 37 percent of independents told POLITICO/Morning Consult that they opposed the impeachment inquiry.

This week’s poll found a whopping 47 percent opposed the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt.

Focus group data assembled by the pro-Trump America First Policies interviewed swing voters in Iowa, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania as to their thoughts on the first few days of public impeachment hearings.

America First Policies shared the footage of the focus group’s sessions with Breitbart, revealing that voters dismissed the Democrats’ impeachment hearings as an utter failure.

Breitbart exclusively reports:

America First Policies screened footage from these focus groups for Breitbart News at their headquarters just outside the nation’s capital on Monday afternoon, including the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, group that was filmed after that first Democrat impeachment hearing. When the moderator asked the room if anyone thinks Donald Trump should be impeached, not a single person in the room—all independents, most of whom do not like Trump’s personality—said they did.

“This is their platform. This is all they got—and what they got is nothing. They want to keep to politics and Trump is not a politician. They are going to do everything they can because he bucked the system. He exposed what the draining the swamp and everything means. That’s the thing—they don’t even have anything close to valid. It’s just nothing. Instead of focusing on policies, they’re trying to do this to win the election,” one focus group member stated.

Another participant in the focus group slammed the Democrats for staging the impeachment witch hunt just to hurt Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election chances.

“But another thing is I think it shows a weakness, or a lack of confidence, in the Democrat field and concern that their eventual candidate can’t beat Donald Trump. Otherwise, why would you be doing this a year out from the election?” the voter explained.

The fake news media like CNN, the New Yorker and NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd claim the hearings are existing in two alternate realities and that only people that watch Fox News buy the Republicans’ arguments.

But the survey research data – which includes both polling and focus groups – shows that the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt fell flat because it was a transparent and fact-free partisan scam to take down President Trump.

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