Donald Trump ImpeachmentAdam Schiff has led the impeachment effort since the start of his hearings.

But he has made a huge fool of himself, essentially proving Trump did nothing wrong.

That’s why impeachment is about to take a huge turn with news that changes everything.

Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee has been the home for Democrat impeachment efforts for weeks.

But now things are taking a huge shift, and the first hearings in front of the just as biased House Judiciary Committee are about to begin, following an announcement from Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler.

“I write to ask if — pursuant to H. Res. 660 and the relating Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry procedures — you and your counsel plan to attend the hearing or make a request to question the witness panel,” Nadler wrote in his letter to Trump.

This move is almost certainly a move to extend the impeachment hoax and to give the media more opportunities to report on it.

But it also gives Trump a lot of new ammunition to fight back.

In the new hearings, some of Trump’s top allies in the House will have access.

Among them are Reps. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan.

They have both proven they are willing to fight back against this Democrat coup attempt.

Gaetz, in particular, has made a name for himself.

When Schiff’s hearings were still behind closed doors, Gaetz organized a walk-in with dozens of Republican allies of Trump.

They stormed the hearing room, shutting it down for hours.

That stunt almost certainly fueled the calls that eventually resulted in the hearings becoming public.

But even with his top allies on the committee, Trump still isn’t excited about the development.

He has already made clear he will not participate in the first day of hearings, which begin on December 4th.

“Under the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing,” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone wrote to Nadler.

The first day of the hearings will feature “constitutional scholars and law professors” who will discuss the impeachment process in relation to Trump.

Cipollone blasted Nadler for this, stating that “an invitation to an academic discussion with law professors does not begin to provide the president with any semblance of a fair process.”

Considering that the professors will almost certainly already be on Nadler’s side, that is a very fair concern.

Nadler’s participation is significant.

During the impeachment process against Bill Clinton, Nadler billed himself as the “top defender” of the president against the charges he was facing.

At that time, Nadler blasted Republicans for running “a lynch mob,” and continually called for an end to the hearings in order to allow Clinton to get back to his job.

It is ironic that he is doing the opposite today, and is instead hindering Trump’s presidential duties, and therefore preventing Trump from further improving the booming economy he is presiding over.

Do you think Democrats are running a “lynch mob” against Trump?

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