Democrats began the Senate impeachment trial with high hopes of bullying Republicans into letting them run the trial.

That would allow Democrats to drag out the proceedings and cripple President Trump politically.

But impeachment collapsed because of what this top Democrat confessed on TV.

Facing the possibility of certain defeat in the Senate impeachment trial, Democrats shifted the goal posts.

House and Senate Democrats began declaring that if Senate Republicans did not vote to allow Chuck Schumer to run the trial by calling new witnesses then the proceedings were “rigged.”

Before the trial began Democrats held high hopes that four RINO traitors would join all the Senate Democrats and vote to compel the lies of John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney to testify.

However, once the trial began the conduct of Adam Schiff and the other House impeachment managers backfired on the Democrats.

Republicans pointed to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s smear that Republicans engaged in treason and a cover-up by rejecting the Democrats’ motion to lock in new witness testimony before the trial began.

RINO Senator Susan Collins was so upset that Collins passed a note to Chief Justice Roberts urging Roberts to admonish Nadler.

Roberts stepped in and politely cautioned both sides to remain civil.

Even pro-abortion RINO Lisa Murkowski of Alaska walked out of the Democrats’ opening arguments frustrated.

Murkowski fumed that House Democrats refused to pursue a legal battle to settle questions about executive privilege that prevented Mulvaney and Bolton from testifying because Democrats rushed impeachment through the House so it wouldn’t drag into the 2020 election.

“The House made a decision that they didn’t want to slow things down by having to go through the courts. And yet now they’re basically saying you guys gotta go through the courts. We didn’t, but we need you to,” Murkowski fumed to reporters.

This led Democrats to realize their dream to call new witnesses to drag out the trial was dying.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy told MSNBC that the votes for new witnesses were not there.

“I mean, why on earth should we wait until after we have the opportunity to ask questions to hear the most important testimony? I mean, that just makes no sense. If John Bolton has a really important story to tell, why wouldn’t you want him to tell that story before we have the opportunity to ask questions on the record? And, by the way, it’s not just Susan Collins. You need four Republican senators, and right now, there aren’t four Republican senators who are willing to –.”

He added, “I’ve been having conversations on the floor today with Republican senators. I’m certainly not confident that there are four votes there today. There may be by next week, and maybe today’s testimony and the arguments we’re making will help us get four, but I don’t know that we have those four yet.”

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