Ilhan OmarIlhan Omar’s anti-American agenda and comments are a national disgrace.

But Omar took her hatred for America to a frightening new level.

That’s because Ilhan Omar said three words that left every American soldier red with rage.

Critics accuse Omar of hating America and apologizing for Islamic terrorists.

While Omar’s allies in the fake news media cover for her, patriotic Americans point to Omar’s dismissive comments that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were merely “something done by someone” and her push for lenient sentences for Americans that tried to join ISIS as evidence she hates America and that her true loyalties lie with jihadists.

Omar added fuel to the fire with her reaction to a court case in Virginia.

A federal district court judge threw out the government’s terrorist watch list after the controversial Muslim group, the Council on American Islamic Relations, filed suit claiming federal authorities used the list to single out Muslims when they traveled on airplanes.

Omar and fellow Muslim Congresswomen cheered a judge removing one of the federal government’s tools to combat terrorism.

“This is tremendous” Omar continued, “Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to make sure Constitutional rights are extended to all regardless of religion, race or ethnicity!” Omar exclaimed.

“I have heard of horrifying stories of Muslim Americans who were placed on the so called ‘watch list,’ with no pathway (you know, due process!) to getting their names removed. Today, it’s Muslims, but tomorrow it can be you, if we don’t stop this madness,” Tlaib tweeted.

Many Americans found these remarks offensive.

Conservatives had criticized the manner in which gun grabbers sought to exploit the terrorist watch list to try and ram “no fly no buy” laws through Congress to restrict thousands of Americans from purchasing firearms.

But they stop short of cheering the government tracking Islamic terrorists and preventing them from doing the country harm.

American soldiers fought and died to protect the nation from Islamic terrorism and Omar and Tlaib minimized that sacrifice.

Many Americans believe Omar and Tlaib do not share their goals.

That’s because they regularly give aid and comfort to terrorist supporting organizations.

When Omar waived away 9/11 as “some people that did something”, Omar spoke at an event sponsored by the Council on American Islamic (CAIR) relations.

Critics accuse CAIR of being a front group for the Islamic terrorist group Hamas.

And Rashida Tlaib met with the Palestinian Youth Movement group.

Critics allege the Palestinian Youth Movement supports terrorism because speakers at a group conference promoted kidnapping Israeli soldiers and Facebook posts supporting the “martyrs” that died in suicide bombings.

Omar and Tlaib’s handmaidens in the fake news media will no doubt try to dismiss their controversies or “provide context.”

But anything they say would be a lie to confuse the American people from recognizing the truth was staring them right in the face.

Unfortunately for Omar and Tlaib, the American people can see them for what they really are.

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