Ilhan OmarIlhan Omar was caught red-handed.

The controversial Minnesota Democrat stands accused of multiple felonies.

And Ilhan Omar just got caught covering up this smoking gun that could get her deported.

Going back to 2018 and her campaign for Congress, critics accused Omar of committing immigration, marriage, and tax fraud for allegations she married her brother in a sham ceremony and jointly filed taxes with two men – her brother and her real husband – at the same time.

Omar lashed out at her critics, smearing them as racists and anti-Muslim bigots instead of addressing the substance of the allegations.

This scandal took a sharp turn for the worse when eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed Omar deleted an old tweet wishing her father a happy Father’s Day.

What perked up interest in the since deleted tweet was the fact that her father’s surname in the tweet was the same as the man critics allege is the brother Omar fraudulently married.

Other users noted that if her father’s surname is Said – and not Omar – then that could mean that Omar’s real name is Ilhan Said – which makes her application for asylum as a refugee fraudulent.

In 2009 Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

They officially divorced in 2017.

But a 2012 Instagram post shows Ahmed Nur Said Elmi holding Omar’s baby and referring to the child as his niece.

Omar’s family history, circumstances surrounding her immigrating to the United States, her marriage history, tax filings and even what her name is are shrouded in mystery.

Critics contend Omar is in full scale damage control mode deleting old tweets and playing the race card.

But her spokesman claimed Omar deleted the tweet because it led to death threats against her father and the name Omar used in the tweet was a nickname.

Americans are demanding law enforcement get to the bottom of this mess.

If it is true that Omar committed all those felonies – including immigration fraud – it could lead to Omar’s deportation.

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One reason Omar dodged accountability for these alleged crimes is that the fake news media censored the news about her alleged wrongdoing.

Had a Republican been accused of fabricating their past, the fake news media would have flooded the zone with 24/7 coverage.

In this case, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times are looking the other way and hoping the American people move on to other matters.

The simple fact of the matter is Omar is a hero to the grassroots Democrat Party base.

And so-called “reporters” march in ideological lockstep with rank-and-file Democrat Party activists.

So the last thing the so-called “reporters” in the fake news media want to do is take down one of the party’s grassroots heroes.

The only question that remains is, will the government follow the fake news media’s inaction and allow Omar to skate without investigating the serious evidence behind these alleged crimes?

American Patriot Daily will continue to cover any new developments in this ongoing story.