Ilhan Omar’s career is on the rocks.

Her political future is hanging by a thread after a series of crises turned her world upside down.

And you won’t believe which former ally said she crossed the point of no return with this scandal.

Ilhan Omar has quickly become a lightning rod in Washington D.C.

The Minnesota Congresswoman has only been in office for just two months, and yet she’s already one of the most controversial members of Congress.

Her rhetoric against Jewish people and the State of Israel have also led to tremendous backlash.

Omar’s attacks on supporters of Israel prompted such a massive rebuke that a resolution was even drafted to condemn her actions, only to have Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party leadership water the language down at the last minute to avoid mentioning Omar by name.

But Omar apparently didn’t get the message as she’s back to trashing pretty much everyone in American politics.

She’s attacked so many people now that she may have made one too many enemies.

And that could be her ultimate undoing.

SFGate reports, “An outspoken critic of Israel, Omar has courted controversy with provocative remarks that some say invoke anti-Semitic stereotypes. The pattern has alarmed many Jews, and as Omar faced yet another firestorm last week, community leaders on both sides voiced pain and confusion, fearing that the comments could damage an alliance they have spent years trying to nurture.”

Those two sides are Minneapolis’ Jewish and Somali communities, which are two of the largest foreign-born groups living in Omar’s district.

The two have forged a close political alliance despite the cultural and religious divides between them, and both groups are on the verge of revolting against Omar, who is herself of Somali origin.

“Somali community activist Omar Jamal of St. Paul said he is in touch with local Jewish leaders about how the two sides can reaffirm their solidarity at a moment of crisis. He said that he supported Omar’s congressional campaign but that her comments are ’wrong, period,’” adds SFGate.

“She can solve this problem if she wants to,” Jamal said. “This is up to Ilhan Omar. She has really spoken in a very dangerous way, and it’s going to be up to her to reach out to people and fix this.”

The fact that Omar is apparently losing the support of Minneapolis’ Somali community suggests that her political base is beginning to erode.

And her district’s Jewish community is already beginning to slam Omar in a way that is almost unprecedented from a Congressional office holder.

“Her words and her communications are anti-Semitic,” said Minnesota State Senator Ron Latz, a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Latz is Jewish and was referring to Omar’s 2012 tweet alleging that Israel had “hypnotized the world”.

Even Democratic activists and office holders in the overwhelmingly liberal congressional district Omar represents are apparently through with her antics in Washington.

And the growing discontentment could very well signal a primary challenger for her in 2020.

Do you think Omar deserves to be removed from office by her constituents?

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