Trump has been having a time of it getting his wall built.

While samples of the wall have been built, Trump’s obviously hit a roadblock getting the Democrats to fund the wall.

Hence the government shut down that’s presently disrupting the normal function of the government.

While it’s pretty obvious the Democrats aren’t going to give Trump what he wants, it doesn’t necessarily mean the wall’s not going to get built.

Apparently the Pentagon may come to Trump’s aide and rescue him so he can get the wall built.

The Pentagon Prepares Plans To Build A Wall

In the event President Trump decides he’s going to declare a national emergency to halt the influx of illegals into the country, the Pentagon may be the one to build the wall.

Navy Capt. Bill Speaks, a Pentagon spokesman said this about how the Pentagon may help.

“The Department of Defense is reviewing available authorities and funding mechanisms to identify options to enable border barrier construction. As there has not been such a declaration made, it would be inappropriate to comment further on those efforts.”

Since Trump isn’t getting anywhere with the Democrats he’s deliberated declaring a national emergency to get the wall built. Democrats protest that this would be an abuse of power, and yet, the number of people coming over illegally is high enough to constitute a national emergency.

If he declared a national emergency then the the Army Corps of Engineers would draw up designs and then arrange contracts to get the wall designs built out.

ABC reports:

“Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, who commands the corps, accompanied Trump on his trip Thursday to tour the border in Texas, according to the White House.

Trump suggested Thursday that the declaration could happen at anytime. Talks to end the partial shutdown of the federal government between Trump and Democratic leaders fell apart Wednesday over border security.

‘If this doesn’t work out, probably I will do it – I would almost say definitely,” Trump said. “We have plenty of funds if there’s a national emergency.’

Pence Confirms, The Wall Is s Getting Built

VP Mike Pence confirmed what Trump supporters hope to be true.

Trump is going to stop at nothing to get the wall built.

Pence said  “The president believes he has an absolute right to declare a national emergency. The president is going to get this done one way or the other.”

There’s no question if this is legal, or even if there are funds available for the project.

The Pentagon has funds allocated for construction already and is simply waiting on Congress to approve their release. If a state of emergency was declared, the Pentagon could use those funds to complete the project.

Not everyone is thrilled about this…

But many legal experts believe it’s well within the President’s power to authorize this release of funds.