For the third time in 2018, and moving into 2019. The United States government will be partially shut down.

The partial shutdown came as a result of Democrats refusing to grant Donald Trump 5 billion dollars for building a wall along the Southern border of the United States.

They did grant him 1.3 billion dollars, though.

Democrats Have A Plan

On Dec 31, they announced a plan to help end the partial shut down.

A plan that doesn’t give Trump a penny more than the 1.3 billion they’ve already said they give him.

Juliegrace Brufke wrote:

“House Democrats plan to bring up legislation to end the partial government shutdown that would extend current spending levels for border security through Feb. 8, a senior Democratic aide said Monday.

The funding package will include two separate bills: one extending current funding levels for the Department of Homeland Security until Feb. 8, and the other including the six remaining bills with full funding through the end of the fiscal year.

Border security funding would remain at $1.3 billion, much lower than the $5 billion called for by the White House, under the continuing resolution (CR), following bipartisan Senate legislation, The Washington Post first reported on Monday.”

By creating this funding bill, government personnel will get paid the money they are owed, as many of them are working without pay.

This is a strategic move by the Democrats to make sure Trump passes the six-bill package so people get paid and so Trump still doesn’t get his desired funding amount.

On the other end of the spectrum, this also allows Trump the chance to regroup and work extra hard to make sure his supporters know he has not given up on the fight for the wall.

As of the 31st of December, it doesn’t look like the Republicans will allow the new spending bill to move forward in the House.

Republicans Don’t Like the Spending Plan

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (N.C.) said the package was a non-starter.

“Speaker-elect Pelosi’s funding proposal fails to address the fundamental question of how we plan to make our communities safer and our borders more secure.” Meadows told The Hill. “Her latest announcement ignores all of the arguments that have been made by this administration and the American people. If the is the best effort at compromise that she can muster then the partial shutdown will continue weeks not days.”

It remains to be seen with the Democrats set to take control of the House this week if the Republicans are able to hold onto their position.

Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will likely become the Speaker of the House, and with them in firm control, it is possible the fight for the wall will remain stalled for some time.