Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.06.16 AMFor years Americans have been clamoring for Obama to do something about ISIS.

The terrorist group that rushed to fill the vacuum left by Saddam Hussein is one of the most brutal regimes to walk the globe at this current time.

At their hands it’s estimated more than 150,000 Christians have been killed…

Which is why there was such a loud cry to have them vanquished was made here at home.

While Obama has done nothing to curb their growth, there is another country who has the might and the power to take care of them for good.

And that’s Russia.

Just a few weeks ago Russia started air-strikes on the nomadic terrorists.

And in so doing they’ve managed to fracture the already chaotic leadership and are potentially at a point to completely demolishing ISIS altogether.

A top analyst in the region has told the ISIS’s military strength has been over-exaggerated and greatly weakened by the air strikes.

Continued action would likely leave them gutted and unable to assemble any real amount of resistance in the future.

Essentially their challenging of the West has created such great backlash they’ve done themselves in.

And the Russian air strikes are the final nail in the coffin top experts say.

According to the

Dr Afzal Ashraf (a researcher at the respected Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) )said “that another atrocity on the scale of this summer’s Tunisia beach massacre could result in boots on the ground and an end to ISIS’ evil grip on power.

He said: “This mythical state will disappear in a matter of hours once the international community decides to act.

“It won’t take very long at all to drive them, if not out of all of Iraq or Syria, then certainly the majority of their territories.

“They will hide in towns, but I would say do not to follow them as they would use innocent civilians as human shields.

“Leave them in these isolated settlements and they will soon lose control.”

Reports on the strength of ISIS at this present time is they’re fighting around half-strength and morale is suffering because of cuts in pay.

This on top of ISIS’s military prowess having been greatly over-stated by their own propaganda machine shows they have not much left to stand on.

Dr Ashraf said:

They have built up this superhero status because of the way the Iraqi army just fell apart when they confronted it. But that was not very much to do with their ability to fight, it was to do with the Iraqi army, which just doesn’t have a leadership that inspires. Once you’ve got a General running off you don’t expect the soldiers to stand and fight.

As a result, they have given the impression that they are far more capable than they are. If we had serious forces fighting in a coordinated battle against these people they wouldn’t last very long at all.

Russia has obviously made note of these observations and have pounded ISIS with munitions for a few days, leaving the regime tattered and battered.

Zero Hedge writes:

The Russian Ministry of Defense said it has conducted 60 bombing runs in 72 hours, hitting more than 50 ISIS targets.

According to the ministry (Facebook page is here), Islamic State fighters are in a state of “panic” and more than 600 have deserted.

If only Obama had decided on this course of action years ago…

Of course we all know he wouldn’t dare attack his allies.