Hillary Clinton has been back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

During a trip to India, she suffered repeated health issues.

But it was after she returned to America that everyone realized their worst fears were true.

Clinton recently spoke at Rutgers University.

But her speech was not why she made headlines.

Clinton was wearing a cast on her wrist from falling in a bathtub in India and fracturing a bone.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Hillary Clinton, plagued by rumors of poor health during her presidential campaign, showed up for a Thursday speech at Rutgers University with a cast on her arm.

Clinton broke her wrist during her recent trip to India when she slipped and fell in a bathtub. While on that trip, she asserted that Trump supporters want to take rights away from black people and that female Trump voters were influenced by their husbands and bosses.”

Hillary’s trip to India was filled with health related calamities.

A video emerged of her tumbling down a flight of stairs, despite two aides propping her up as she attempted to perform the simple function of walking.

During the campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly attacked her for not having the strength and stamina to be President.

Clinton added fuel to these attacks by hiding her medical records and being caught on camera suffering violent fits of coughing.

So even more rumors swirled around her health during the campaign.

Legacy media outlets tried to dismiss them as “conspiracy theories,” but it turned out they were the ones peddling conspiracies by claiming she was totally healthy.

Then Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City just two months before Election Day.

Her campaign claimed it was from pneumonia.

It also was brought to light that Hillary had suffered a concussion in 2012 and had been prescribed medication for blood clots.

These doubts about her fitness for office remained in the voters’ minds as they elected Donald Trump President.

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