The horrific shooting in Las Vegas has rocked Americans.

59 were killed and over 500 were wounded in the worst shooting of our nation’s history.

Hillary Clinton used the moment to make some sick comments that exposed her for what she truly is.

Clinton could barely wait for there to be an official casualty count after the shooting in Las Vegas so she could politicize the tragedy.

Like all gun grabbers, she waited for this moment to launch an attack on the Constitution and law abiding Americans.

Speaking at the Broward Center for Performing Arts in South Florida, Clinton shamefully attacked gun groups, Republicans, and Americans who believe in the Second Amendment and blamed them instead the shooter for this tragedy.

The Sun Sentinel reports:

“Clinton began her appearance at the Broward Center for Performing Arts, part of the “Hillary Clinton Live” tour, by lamenting the Sunday night massacre in Las Vegas — and pressing for gun control to prevent more such tragedies.

“I’m devastated by what happened in Las Vegas,” she said, adding that people should be heartened by the courage and compassion of people who came to the aid of the dying and injured.

She ridiculed the view expressed by Republicans every time there is a mass shooting that it’s “too soon to talk about” gun control. “I have to tell you, what better time is there,” Clinton said. The audience cheered. “It’s not too soon for us to say with one voice we are overdue for real, meaningful action.”

She criticized Trump for signing a law early in his presidency that made it harder to keep guns out of the hands of people with serious mental illnesses and she ripped Republican congressional leaders for supporting legislation that would make it easier to buy weapons for silencers. She said Americans must stand up to the National Rifle Association.”

These comments echoed the tweets Clinton put out in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

In both cases, Clinton jumped right into attacking gun owners and pushing gun control.

Rather than offer real sympathy for the victims and their families and allowing time for grief, Clinton demanded Congress move to take guns away from Americans.

It revealed the true nature of Hillary Clinton and her gun-grabbing allies.

The dead and wounded are never at the forefront of their thoughts.

Every horrific shooting is only seen through the prism of how they can advance their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

And the American people see through this ghoulish behavior every time.

When Democrats tried to politicize the Newtown shooting to ram a national gun registration scheme through Congress, the American people mobilized against it and removed Democrats from power in Senate.

Hillary and the gun-grabbers are trying to use Las Vegas as the launching point for their anti-gun crusade.

But history says the American people will reject this shameless behavior.