Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is still haunting her.

An explosive new revelation just brought her wrongdoing back into the spotlight.

And she’s been caught red-handed covering up her criminal conduct.

Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III was part of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Apparently he performed his job too well.

McCullough recounts in an interview that he faced professional blowback for his work.

Fox News reports:

“There was personal blowback. Personal blowback to me, to my family, to my office,” former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III said.  

The Obama appointee discussed his role in the Clinton email probe for the first time on television, during an exclusive interview with Fox News. McCullough – who came to the inspector general position with more than two decades of experience at the FBI, Treasury and intelligence community – shed light on how quickly the probe was politicized and his office was marginalized by Democrats.

In January 2016, after McCullough told the Republican leadership on the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees that emails beyond the “Top Secret” level passed through the former secretary of state’s unsecured personal server, the backlash intensified.

“All of a sudden I became a shill of the right,” McCullough recalled. “And I was told by members of Congress, ‘Be careful. You’re losing your credibility. You need to be careful. There are people out to get you.’”

McCullough also claimed that his job was threatened for carrying out his duties.

Fox News also reports:

“As Election Day approached, McCullough said the threats went further, singling out him and another senior government investigator on the email case.

“It was told in no uncertain terms, by a source directly from the campaign, that we would be the first two to be fired — with [Clinton’s] administration. That that was definitely going to happen,” he said.

McCullough said he was just trying to do his job, which requires independence. “I was, in this context, a whistleblower. I was explaining to Congress — I was doing exactly what they had expected me to do. Exactly what I promised them I would do during my confirmation hearing,” he said. “… This was a political matter, and all of a sudden I was the enemy.”

McCullough’s commitment to justice and the rule of law stands in stark contrast to Clinton and former FBI Director James Comey.

Comey drafted a memo to not bring charges against Hillary months before the investigation was even complete.

Critics also accused Comey of rewriting the law as a means of excusing Clinton’s conduct.

Should Hillary Clinton be held accountable for this latest cover-up attempt?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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