Hillary Clinton made the biggest mistake of her life.

She went on TV and attacked Donald Trump.

But it blew up in her face because everyone noticed this one thing.

Hillary Clinton Attacks Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Rachel Maddow interviewed Hillary Clinton.

They discussed Christine Ford’s claim that Judge Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her at a party 36 years ago when they were in high school.

Clinton backed the idea of the FBI probing her story.

“I think that’s a reasonable request,” Clinton stated.

“The White House could answer it very quickly by asking the FBI to reopen its background check and to take into account the accusation that’s been made and to gather the evidence about what can be known. So far, they haven’t done that,” she continued.

Republicans want Ford to make her case in a hearing.

They are willing to allow her testify in open or behind closed doors.

But she is refusing to show up.

Clinton defended Ford’s decision.

“Because what they have done, as her lawyers point out, is put Dr. Ford in the position of having to make her case without any kind of investigation that could be either helpful or detrimental to her,” Clinton began.

“And I think she’s asking that she be given the courtesy of having some facts laid out.”

“Give the benefit of the doubt to the court and the country and that means have an investigation that will then lead to a hearing that will then lead to a vote, if appropriate,” she concluded.

Republicans Point Out Clinton’s Double Standard

Republicans were quick to point out Hillary’s double standard.

When women came forward to accuse Bill Clinton of misconduct, Hillary defended her husband.

She even worked to destroy some of the women who claimed Bill Clinton had abused them.

Hillary doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Bill Clinton’s history of abuse saw to that.

Democrats spent the entire 1990s covering up for him.

And Hillary Clinton led that charge.

When Republicans impeached Clinton for lying under oath about his affair with Monica Lewinsky, Hillary said the real story was the “vast right wing conspiracy” out to get her husband.

That was fake news.

The women that accused Clinton were credible.

They told others of Clinton’s abuses when they happened.

They established a pattern of behavior.

But Hillary Clinton and the media worked to sweep it all under the rug.

Clinton was their President and the left protected him at all costs.

But that decision came back to haunt the Democrats in 2016.

And the Democrats past defense of Clinton makes their attacks on Judge Kavanaugh look purely political.

Some pundits believe Hillary wants to run again in 2020.

She could be trying to rebuild her reputation by attaching herself to the #MeToo movement and believing Ford’s story.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.