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Ever since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, Americans watched in horror as Hillary plotted her next move.

Clinton began her political comeback by campaigning for Democrats in the 2018 midterms.

And now she dropped a big hint about one shocking announcement that every American fears the most.

No one really believes Hillary Clinton is willing to slink off the political stage and into retirement.

The Clintons are addicted to power like a vampire needs blood to survive.

And since she’s never definitively ruled out a third White House bid, pundits have been searching for hints that reveal her true intentions.

Most Democrats want her to go away.

A recent poll found 75 percent of Democrats were not excited about the prospect of Hillary mounting a challenge to Donald Trump in 2020.

But Hillary Clinton has calculated every move she’s made in the last 40 years on how it would affect her ability to become President.

So she isn’t going to throw away her dream that easily.

In fact, during a recent interview, Hillary revealed she still wanted to be President.

“Well, I’d like to be president,” Clinton told Recode host Kara Swisher during a taping of her podcast. “The work would be work that I feel very well prepared for having been at the Senate for eight years, having been a diplomat in the State Department, and it’s just going to be a lot of heavy lifting.”

And Clinton ended 2018 by adding more fuel to the fire that she plans to run for President in 2020.

The former two-time failed Presidential candidate posted a message to her Instagram account thanking Americans for electing Democrats in 2018 and urging them to continue to resist Donald Trump’s agenda.

“In many ways, 2018 was a dark time for our country. As it ends, I’m grateful to everyone who brought light into it: activists who protected kids at the border, journalists who stood up for truth, organizers who mobilized voters for the 2018 elections, candidates who ran races with grit and inspiration, voters who made their voices heard, and absolutely everyone who marched, donated, called, and protested to fight for the values we share. Here’s to more light in 2019, and to a shared commitment to make it as bright as possible. Happy New Year,” Clinton wrote.

Hillary Clinton’s explicit refusal to say she is never running for President again had many Americans worried this was the warm-up pitch for a 2020 campaign.

Several Democrats have already announced their intentions to run for President.

But Hillary – by virtue of her name recognition and donor base – could enter the race at a much later date.

And she could crow about how since she won the utterly meaningless popular vote, that makes her the “real” President.

However, would Democrats really be willing to stake their one chance to defeat Donald Trump on the most unlikeable Presidential candidate in American history?

Time has proven that the Clintons’ possess no shame.

So it would not shock anyone if Hillary tried one more time to fulfill her life-long ambition of sitting in the Oval Office.

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