Hillary Clinton is making a comeback.

But it’s in a way that no one ever expected.

And it’s leading to questions about what her political plans for 2020 are.

Hillary Clinton is going to Hollywood.

The two-time failed Presidential candidate is teaming up with Hollywood mega-producer – and big-time Democrat Party donor – Steven Spielberg to develop Elaine Weiss’ The Woman’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote as television series.

The Woman’s Hour tells the story of how women won the right to vote with the passage and ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Already industry heavyweights Amazon, Apple, HBO, and Netflix have shown interest in the Clinton backed project.

The former First Lady announced her work with Spielberg on the series in a statement.

Clinton’s statement read “At the heart of democracy lies the ballot box, and Elaine Weiss’ unforgettable book tells the story of the female leaders who — in the face of towering economic, racial and political opposition — fought for and won American women’s right to vote,” the failed presidential candidate said in a statement. “Unfolding over six weeks in the summer of 1920, The Woman’s Hour is both a page-turning drama and an inspiration for everyone, young and old, male and female, in these perilous times. So much could have gone wrong, but these American women would not take no for an answer: their triumph is our legacy to guard and emulate. I am thrilled to be working with Elaine, Steven and everyone at Amblin Television on bringing this important project to audiences everywhere.”

This is the second example of Hollywood reaching out to Clinton to help rehabilitate her damaged reputation.

Clinton will appear on the CBS show Madame Secretary – where Tea Leoni plays a female Secretary of State that was inspired by Clinton’s time in the Obama administration – this fall.

Interestingly, before both of Hillary’s Presidential campaigns, Hollywood began airing shows with female Presidents in an effort that some thought to soften the ground culturally for Americans to accept her as the first woman President.

Before Clinton launched her 2008 campaign ABC aired Commander-in-Chief, a drama where Geena Davis played a female Vice President who ascended to the Oval Office when the President died.

And the Fox series 24 filmed the made for TV movie Redemption which was set to air in the fall of 2008.

The movie featured a female President which was widely interpreted as the scriptwriters working under the assumption Clinton would have won the 2008 election.

CBS premiered Madame Secretary in 2014, a year and a half before Clinton announced her 2016 campaign.

Could Hollywood be attempting a second try at making the idea of Hillary Clinton as President acceptable to Americans through cultural indoctrination?

Clinton being associated with Spielberg on a project surrounding women’s issues and her cameo on Madame Secretary provide her high profile platforms for Clinton to now move past her political image.

She could be trying to copy how Donald Trump re-invented himself by starring in The Apprentice during the mid-2000s.

Do you think Hillary Clinton is going Hollywood in order to launch a third Presidential campaign in 2020?

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