Hillary Clinton dragged herself back into the political arena.

It didn’t go well.

As soon as she began to speak, her big comeback attempt immediately blew up in her face.

Hillary Clinton made an appearance for an interview at The Wing SoHo – a women’s only social club in New York City.

Clinton once again fired off every excuse under the sun as to why she lost.

She blamed the typical reasons for her defeat—sexism, the media, Russia, and James Comey.

Breitbart reports:

“Clinton spent much of her time listing those she blamed for her 2016 defeat.

Asked whether the #MeToo movement would have happened by now if she had been elected, Clinton said yes and claimed that her loss accelerated the wave that was already coming.

She then lamented how hard it is to watch Donald Trump be President, but that she admires the “resistance.” Clinton talked about trying to keep herself aligned with what will make a difference, the midterm elections, a “political action that reigns in this administration.” She said without that, you haven’t “seen the bottom yet.”

“You can march from now til doomsday, but if you don’t elect people who agree with you, and defeat people who don’t, nothing will change,” said Clinton.

The former Secretary of State said, “It’s an absolute tragedy,” when asked about the State Department today. She said that the department “has been decimated” under former Secretary Rex Tillerson, adding that there was no longer anyone who speaks the language of North Korea to deal with that country and no one willing to trying to stop Russian meddling in U.S. elections who speaks Russian. She suggested that Trump does not care “that we don’t have Russian speakers, or Korea speakers, or experienced diplomats who know the games that the other side are going to play when you meet.”

Clinton blaming sexism is the height of her hypocrisy.

She delivered her remarks at an event for a group that is under investigation for gender discrimination because The Wing does not allow men into its workspaces or social club.

Clinton’s speech also went off the rails when she went into an extended rant about how Fox News tried to “impeach” her.

She held no elective office at the time of the 2016 election, so that false claim struck many as not in touch with reality.

It was a pathetic display of excuse-making and delusion.

Hillary Clinton lost because Donald Trump was a superior candidate with a superior message.

And this was the second time Americans rejected a Hillary Clinton presidential bid.

After 25 years in the public eye, the voters had a large enough sample of data to judge her unfit for the office.

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