Hobby LobbyIn what many are touting as a major victory for Christian business owners, the Supreme Legislature – Supreme Court of the United States – voted 5-4 today to grant an exemption for the birth control – morning after pill – mandate of Obamacare to Hobby Lobby.

The owners of Hobby Lobby won’t be forced to violate their religious convictions that any action that kills a baby is sin.

Many Catholic Hospitals had already decided to close down rather than violate their conscience.

The decision may prevent many religious schools, businesses and hospitals from closing their doors.

The Little Sisters of the Poor who bravely stood up to “King” Obama surely are rejoicing because back in January, the Obama Justice Department opposed a reprieve granted to the nuns from Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The nuns let their conscience be their guide instead of signing a form.

The assumption is that, because the decision invalidates the tyrannical mandate to provide contraception coverage for businesses that are faith-based, it is a great victory.

In fact, Adele Keim, counsel at The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty told Fox News that “Today is a great day for religious liberty.”

I beg to disagree.

The false perception of victory is strengthened by the lament of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest who said, the decision “jeopardizes the health of women who are employed by these companies.”

By lamenting a so-called loss, the White House can both appear to respect the checks and balances of power – that Obama continually ignores – while quietly rejoicing that the fight over Obama Care is progressively more and more over crumbs, not substance.

The assumptions of both the so-called victor and vanquished are the same – government can dictate health care coverage.

In reality then, today was not really a bad day for Obama.

The crumb of religious liberty thrown from the table by the Supremes is one more nail in the coffin of true liberty because so many conservatives view it as a great victory.

First, the exemption is an exemption for some – not all.

If you are a Christian but have a so-called secular business – whatever that is – you are not exempt.

Secondly, viewing any exemption as a victory cements the notion that the constitution grants the power to the central government to mandate anything regarding health care.

Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution defines the 18 things that our Founding Fathers gave the federal government the power of the purse to fund.

Health care of any kind is simply not one of them.

Once you control a person’s health care, there is nothing left to individual liberty except begging at the table of government masters for exemptions and special privileges.

It used to be that conservatives disdained liberals for seeking changes in law from the Supremes instead of our Senators and Representatives whom we elect and can throw out of office.

The spectacle of conservatives now hailing exemptions from tyranny as a victory while the Constitution continues to be trampled by nine unelected law-makers and an out-of-control legislature is disheartening.

George Washington’s admonition that the threat to liberty would come from the court has proven true – especially when conservatives declare a crumb from the table of 9 would-be dictators “Victory.”

Here at American Patriot Daily we continue the struggle to keep the hope of liberty under limited government alive and we invite you to join us in the fight to restore our Constitutional Republic.