15608536_sElection results are in.

Republicans drubbed the Democrats despite their best efforts to gain more power in both the House and the Senate.

The remarkable part about all of this is Dems used a heavy amount of voter fraud leading up to the elections and it still didn’t do much to help their chances.

There’s no denying it. Voter fraud has and will continue to be a problem in the election process.

Part of this has to do with the absentee ballot forms that are so easily manipulated.

Another part of it has do with the fact electronic voting machines can be “rigged” to log a vote for the candidate opposite of the who the voter wanted to vote for as demonstrated in the video below.

But the biggest way that Democrats have made sure that the can get away with voter fraud is by making it so that anyone who wants to enforce common sense voter ID laws is automatically labeled a racist.

Eric Holder took to the airwaves in a video right before elections to ensure that voter intimidation didn’t occur at polling stations.

What is implied by this move is that blacks and minorities are being discriminated against when they go to vote.

Holder even placed federal monitors at the stations to enforce his agenda to keep people in line.

The Dems are trying to make it look like voter suppression is a serious problem, though it really isn’t.

The real problem is voter fraud.

As Investor’s Business Daily noted:

We recently noted, a study in the journal Electoral Studies found that noncitizen voting in U.S. elections ‘has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes, including Electoral College votes and congressional elections.’

In another new report — ‘Does Your Vote Count?’ — the Heritage Foundation documents more than 200 instances of voter fraud around the country.

Just last week, guerrilla filmmaker James O’Keefe filmed himself getting 20 ballots in North Carolina without proper ID or evidence of registration.

But making up a story that voter suppression is a real thing makes it so anyone who tries to call out the questionable (and illegal) practices of many Democrats is made to look like a racist.

And living under the veil of the Obama administration this is the chief sin of all.

Also keep this in mind.

Just because conservatives hold the House and Senate doesn’t mean Obama’s impotent. Remember, he’s used more executive orders than any other president to get his way. And a Republican controlled House and Senate won’t stop him.

First on his list?

Getting more immigrants in the country and getting amnesty passed. The effects this will have on the average U.S. citizen will be calamitous. Do what you can now to brace yourself.

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