Former President Barack Obama kept his fair share of secrets as President, even from his own people.

Former President Obama’s two terms were littered with scandal and active investigations into members of his administration.

And now a Democratic Senator just came forward with a terrible truth that Obama wanted to keep hidden.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein claims she “didn’t really know” that the separation of undocumented families was an issue under Obama.

Feinstein was interrogated about the situation while being interviewed by CNN host Jake Tapper during his “State of the Union” segment.

Tapper brought up the controversial subject while addressing a picture of undocumented children in a holding cell which has been floating around social media for days.

A lot of Democrats are expressing outrage about how Trump is treating undocumented immigrants,” said Tapper. “We saw this photo making the rounds on social media, Los Angeles former mayor tweeting it out, it is actually from — it is undocumented children in a holding cell, but it is you actually from 2014 when President Obama was president. There were a lot of things done to undocumented immigrants that the immigrant community was very upset about during the Obama years, the Democrats didn’t seem as outspoken about.”

Not surprisingly, Feinstein only played coy about the situation, claiming she didn’t know what was happening.

She claimed she wasn’t aware the problem was occurring under Obama, but then contradicted herself by saying the problem was not as bad back then as it supposedly is now.

The California Senator continued on to say she “didn’t know enough about it back then—but does now.”

Apparently, Feinstein knows enough about it now to feel she is an activist for the cause.

She is set to introduce a bill that will “prohibit the taking of children in this manner and then it would provide a number of criteria to remove a child, what you’d have to have present.”

Although many blame the current administration for these issues, the picture was found to have originated in 2014 – under former President Obama’s administration.

Immigration control has been a recurring issue throughout several administrations.

Obama’s administration left the Department of Immigration Control Enforcement underfunded and heavily regulated, leaving President Trump’s administration to clean up the mess.

While President Trump is frequently under fire for his efforts to control the wild immigration influx in this country, his efforts are demanded by the disaster former President Obama’s administration caused during his presidency—a disaster which members of his own administration such as Feinstein do not fully understand.

Whether Senator Feinstein is either incredibly naive or making excuses at this point, one thing is certain—her bill that loosens the regulations on immigration cannot pass for obvious reasons.

Do you believe Feinstein truly did not know what was going on in Obama’s administration?

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