Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her Democrat counterparts seem to believe there’s going to be a big-blue wave that will help the Dems take over the house.

It’s debatable this will happen.

In recent weeks the polls show the GOP ahead of the Dems.

And granted President Trump says some incendiary things here and there that might make it seem like Democrats are going to sweep the house…

The truth is it likely won’t happen.

However, if it does, here’s what Nancy Pelosi and her ilk plan to do.

According to her, they would plan on lowering health care costs. Of course, wasn’t that what she and her band of merrymakers were supposed to do when they helped ram the ACA through Congress just a few years ago.

They said they’d rebuild infrastructure and have the house chamber run with more transparency and openness. Transparency and Democrat-based ideals are as oxymoronic as you can possibly get.

Then they would work on giving young, illegal immigrants legal status. Because when you’re a Democrat the smart thing to do is reward lawbreakers with money and incentive to continue in their lawlessness.

They, they’d be working to help pass even stricter gun laws. Never mind the fact the cities and states with some of the worst gun crime just happen to be the ones with the most restrive gun laws.

One of her pet projects she’d said she’d tackle is the Equality Act. According to her, this would give women and LGBT people new protections as defined by the existing Civil Rights Act.

It’s a pretty audacious list, and if you were to hear Pelosi talk about her plans, you’d think she’s already got the house locked up.

And part of the reason she says these things is because she truly believes the Democrats are going to win.

It’s either going to be a wave or a tsunami she said.

“If the election were today we would win the majority,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi said she couldn’t predict whether the election would be a “wave” or “tsunami” for Democrats, but said she expects the party to triumph, putting her in line to regain the speaker’s gavel.

“I’ve never seen anything like the mobilization that is out there, the grassroots,” she said.

One item not on Pelosi’s top-10 list: impeaching President Donald Trump.

“I think impeachment, to use that word, is very divisive,” she said.

Instead, she said House committees under Democrats would conduct oversight of the administration and help special counsel Robert Mueller conclude his Russia investigation, preserving all the documents from his probe for congressional follow-up.

“Getting the documents and the truth — and where they lead us — that’s what we have to do,” she said.

What do you think, are the Democrats going to win this November, or will red win again?