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A lawsuit alleges the TSA and their full image body scanners have resulted in the deaths of 100s of people.

It seems like a stretch at first, but the body scanners, which have been in place for almost a decade, were never thoroughly tested on people. Now they expose millions of people to forms of radiation they aren’t normally exposed to.

Because these machines make flying so dang uncomfortable and possibly dangerous it’s driven thousands upon thousands of people to drive every single year.

And as we know, it’s much more dangerous to drive a car than it is to fly. So these excess drivers are dying by the hundreds when they could have been safe flying.

According to the lawsuit, it’s specifically the body scanners fault according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Rutherford Institute against the Department of Transportation and the TSA.

The suit is being pursued in conjunction with a similar case by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

In their suit, the plaintiffs allege that the body scanners and the invasive technology used by the TSA has caused a great deal of concern and anxiety among an already paranoid public.

Because the TSA has never fully addressed the publics’ concerns and rid the airports of these scanners it’s forced an untold number of people to drive to their destination rather than fly.

As they write in their complaint.

“Comments from both analysts and private individuals squarely presented TSA with this issue. Many commenters pointed out that they had already reduced their air travel in favor of driving, for such reasons as privacy and airport screening hassles. Nonetheless, the agency summarily dismissed this as insignificant.

“But the agency’s own break-even analysis for the alleged life-saving potential of AIT demonstrates, the risks raised by a shift from planes to cars are at least as large, in magnitude, as the projected benefits of AIT. The agency cannot base its decision on one side of the equation while ignoring the other.”

Remember this too. It’s been admitted on behalf of the TSA their body scanners are ultimately useless at preventing terror attacks and ultimately allowed TSA employees to see you naked. Here’s the link for that – TSA scanners do nothing for security and let them see you naked.

It’s outrageous to think these fake security protocols were foisted on us under the pretense of better security when they really get people killed.

Do you think you’ll continue to fly now that you’ve read this?

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