Think the Democrats have lost their minds?

Well, you’re not exactly wrong…

Democrats have now found a new way to be offended.

This time it’s happy meals. Or, to be a bit more general… kids’ meals.

Democrats are upset that kid’s meals are “gendered” and are hoping restaurants will start to respect gender fluidity and give kids non-gendered toys.

Not, this is not a joke.


Michigan Lawmakers Want Non-Gendered Toys


14 Michigan lawmakers have drafted a bill to make sure gender-fluid children are protected from harmful stereotyping.

A new resolution has been presented to the Michigan House Of Representatives. The resolution, called House  House Resolution No. 49, has the stated and explicit purpose stopping fast-food chains from handing out toys with their meals that reinforce gender stereotypes.

State Rep. Leslie Love, D-Detroit, who introduced the resolution complained about kids’ toys.

In a phone interview with the Daily Signal Love said:

“I would visit fast-food restaurants and when you go through the drive-thru they always ask if you want a girl’s toy or a boy’s toy, which was really annoying. Just offer people a toy … and move on with it,” she said. “How do we get caught up in gender identity with a toy?”

“We’re telling them [children] in advance … that this toy equals a boy and this toy equals a girl,” Love said. “We’re setting up this prejudice in our children unconsciously, unknowingly. It has become so ingrained that this dysfunction is almost normal.”

The resolution states, “If a customer desires a toy, it should be one of his or her choice without classification by gender. Customers should simply be offered the choice of toy.” Lawmakers even included a written example of how to offer the toy: “Would you like a Transformer or a My Little Pony?”

Love feels that by handing out these toys, fast-food restaurants could be leading to unfairly shaping a child’s gender.

Love things that by offering children gendered toys, they were limiting a child’s ability to choose their gender for themselves.

That’s what the resolution wants to protect these children from.

“Boys are more likely to play with toys that develop spatial intelligence and reasoning than girls,” the resolution continues, citing a 2015 study by Association for Psychological Science. “These skills are especially important for success in academic and professional domains, including science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).”


Not Everyone Is Worried about Happy Meals

Obviously not everyone sees Happy Meals as a threat to a child’s autonomy.

Some of the other representatives in the House believe this resolution isn’t just unneeded, they believe it borders on unethical.

They claim the resolution attempts to legislate political correctness into everyday life., which is dangerous new territory.

Of course, Love didn’t think this was true.

She said concerns about her legislation were unfounded.

“…the resolution was meant to give fast-food companies ‘an opportunity on their own to agree, take a look at their culture, and see how they can do better,’ comparing her resolution to resolutions asking companies to put a greater emphasis on recycling.”

What do you think about this resolution?