Elizabeth Warren has claimed in the past that she is 1/32 Cherokee. Well, now it’s time to prove it. A Facebook post is now asking the senator to take a simple, mail-order DNA test. This DNA test would prove once and for all if Warren truly has Native American roots.

The social media provocation is by none other than V.A Shiva Ayyadurai. Shiva is a potential political rival to Warren, and is seeking the GOP nomination. If he’s able to obtain the nomination, Shiva plans to run against Warren in 2018.

Shiva, whose family legally immigrated to the U.S from India when he was just seven years old, claims he is an “All-American Indian.”

According to Inquisitr:

President Trump has mocked Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” over prior claims of Native American heritage, which Warren previously insisted was part of her family folklore.

Warren critics originally gave her the derisive “Fauxcahontas” (rather than Pocahontas) nickname, which is a play on words in a callback to the Massachusetts election controversy about five years ago.

“In running against then-Senator Scott Brown in 2012, Elizabeth Warren maintained that she was 1/32 Cherokee, but no formal corroboration of this claim’s validity has ever emerged.”

“Last year, a prominent Native American writer referred to Warren as a “Pretendian.” In 2012, Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes asserted that no authentication existed for Warren’s purported Native American heritage.

In June 2016, then-candidate Trump said at a Tampa rally that he would apologize to Pocahontas for the reference “because Pocahontas is insulted by the statement,” MSNBC reported at the time. The future president also told ex-Fox News Channel anchor Bill O’Reilly that “I do regret calling [Warren] Pocahontas because I think it’s a tremendous insult to Pocahontas. So, Pocahontas, I would like to apologize to you,” CNS News detailed.”

The speculation of Elizabeth’s native roots are not without cause. Suspicion has arisen about Warren’s heritage ever since she claimed she was 1/32 Cherokee. After all, the senator could have easily use this “minority” status to her advantage.

For example, allegations are swarming that Warren did just that. It is possible that Warren has used her Native American status in order to obtain several law teaching positions. These positions had been held at various Ivy League institutions under affirmative action.

Time will tell if Elizabeth Warren decides to take the saliva-based DNA test or not. Meanwhile, speculation continues to run rampant about Warren’s native roots.