Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 2.35.42 PMTo clear the air, it needs to be said that there isn’t one side of the aisle that doesn’t agree health care needs to be reformed.

The prices Americans pay for their health insurance is absurdly high, often totaling anywhere from 10%-25% of their total monthly expenses.

And what isn’t open for debate either is that Obama and his liberal goon squad were the masterminds behind the monstrous Affordable Health Care Act. Their goal, as we well know, was to enlarge the scope of government and get Obamacare passed no matter what.

But what’s extremely irritating… or rather, maddening, is how they went about accomplishing that goal.

They lied. They lied through their teeth.

And Jonathan Gruber, the MIT trained architect of the bill, candidly admits that it was necessary to lie about the scope of Obamacare so it would be passed.

You can see the entirety of the admission in the video below.

For some this isn’t news. But what this video does reveal is just how evil Democrats truly are.

This wasn’t lying for the good of America. This was lying to gain a political advantage, to increase taxes, and it was lying to demean and discredit all Americans.

Now of course most conservatives were savvy to this. They knew Obama and his cronies were going to try and pull a fast one on the public. And that’s what’s so incredibly sad.

Conservatives don’t want bad things to happen to Democrats. Conservatives desire conservative policy because at the end of the day, that’s going to help everyone achieve a better quality of life.

Democrats just ramrod their policies through because they want power. Not because they care about their fellow man.

What you can see from watching this video is Gruber and his boss think that Americans are too stupid to notice things like this.

Honestly, Americans don’t have time to thumb through thousands of pages of dull legalese to decipher bills. That’s why they need people in office they can trust.

And the other cold hard fact is this: lying to your constituency is reprehensible, and the Democrats are a disgusting representation of the principles our founding fathers built this nation on.

Rest assured this isn’t the first or the last time Democrats will use their power to abuse Americans. They’re in the habit of doing it everyday.

Take a look at falling gas prices. That was a political ploy that Dems used to foster goodwill among voters to increase their popularity.

Too bad they still lost.

With their loss will likely come higher gas prices.

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