Guess Which Schools Might Begin Using These Anti-White Textbooks

America has entered the proverbial Twilight zone.

We live in an age where up is down, and there are no more absolutes.

This is being proven to be true in the most obvious of  ways when we look at modern race relations here in the United States.

For instance, a new textbook could be introduced into sixth grade curriculum which focuses solely on the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

The “Black Lives Matters” text is written to educate everyone on the exceptional status of blacks in the United States.

Keep in mind the pandering to racial fairness has already been met with a black history month…but now an entire text book used to teach students about the value of black life only could be what children take home every night.

The book is written by a specialist in “black feminism” by the name Duchess Harris. Harris is an associate professor of American studies at Macalester College in Minnesota and she’s teamed up with another author, Sue Bradford Edwards, to make sure the youth of this nation are brought up learning about police shootings of black victims and to understand why blacks are in such a poor position to begin with.

Conservative radio host Larry Elder, who himself is black, said the book was nothing more than pure propaganda.

He said ultimately the book hasn’t been written to give children an education, but to make them believe a certain way about race…and to make whites feel guilty about what’s going on.

“It’s indoctrinating young kids, teaching them that black people are victims and, by the way, you, as white people, ought to feel really, really guilty about it,” Elder said. “Never mind the election, and re-election, of a black president.”

He said if the book was actually about educating children it would instead focus on the failed principles of liberal socialism and would discuss the implosion of the black family as a result of the welfare state.

In an interview with Fox and Friends Elder said, “Obama said if you grow up without a father you’re five times more likely to be poor, nine time more likely to drop out of school [and] 20 times more likely to end up in jail.”

“And the reason for the implosion of the black family are left-wing policies that have encouraged women to marry the government and men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility.”

Elder isn’t wrong.

If the script was to be flipped at any time, and a book on White Lives Matter, or All Lives Matter were to be published you would be sure to hear a large chorus of discontent with the subject matter.

But in today’s odd age, the black community is being given a special privilege no other race is being granted.

And it’s this excessive coddling by liberal media types which is the main source of friction to be observed in society.

The Jim Crow racism they say still continues is gone.

But the division remains because the media continues to sow the seeds of hate.

At least that’s what books like “Black Lives Matter” prove over and over again…don’t you agree?

Oh by the way, the book adheres to Common Core standards.

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