Sarah Palin was attacked back before ObamaCare had passed for saying that it would ultimately consist of government death panels deciding who lives and who dies.

Well you are about to see exactly what she was mocked for saying happening in England.

This is what a “death panel” looks like.

The European Court for Human Rights has ruled that the parents of Charlie Gard don’t have a right to save their child.

They have to let him die…or maybe better put, the government healthcare system has sentenced their child to death.

And now the government won’t let the child come to the U.S. to pursue private treatment.

From CNN:

The European Court of Human Rights ruled Tuesday a hospital can discontinue life support to a baby suffering from a rare genetic disease. His life support will be switched off Friday, his parents said.

Born in August, Charlie Gard has a rare genetic disorder known as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. Caused by a genetic mutation, it leads to weakened muscles and organ dysfunction, among other symptoms, with a poor prognosis for most patients.

Charlie is on life support and has been in the intensive care unit at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London since October. His doctors wish to take him off life support, but his parents disagree.

The government won’t even allow the parent’s wish that he be allowed to die in the comfort of his own home.

Here is the video message from Charlie’s Parents:

Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, wanted the hospital to release Charlie into their custody so they can take him to the United States for an experimental treatment.

“The domestic courts concluded that it would be lawful for the hospital to withdraw life sustaining treatment because it was likely that Charlie would suffer significant harm if his present suffering was prolonged without any realistic prospect of improvement, and the experimental therapy would be of no effective benefit,” a press release from the court announcing the decision said.

Charlie’s parents appealed to the UK Supreme Court to decide the best interests of their child. After they lost that appeal, the 10-month-old was due to have his life support switched off at the end of the day.

Gard and Yates then filed a request with the European Court of Human Rights, an international court based in Strasbourg, France, to consider the case.

The original ruling to provide life support until June 13 was extended by European Court of Human Rights initially for one week, until June 19.

Rather than making a decision then, the court granted a three week-extension, until July 10, to allow for a more informed decision by the court. That extension ended Tuesday with the courts decision.

“There will be no rush by Great Ormond Street Hospital to change Charlie’s care and any future treatment plans will involve careful planning and discussion,” the hospital said in a statement after the decision was announced. They added that their thoughts are with Charlies parents.

“We are utterly heartbroken spending our last precious hours with our baby boy,” Charlie’s parents posted on Facebook Thursday. They went on to say the system had failed their son.

Infuriated and sickened, parents from all over Great Britain are contacting the Prime Minister, asking her to stay Charlie’s death.  Here is a sample email:

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to notify you that I, as a UK citizen, am holding your office responsible for the life of Charlie Gard, who is effectively being held prisoner in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Charlie’s family have the funds in place to take him to the USA for treatment, but a court order is preventing him receiving this medication that may save his life. The treatment could also be administered here in the UK, if the hospital agrees.

Time is of the essence and you have the power to exert pressure on the hospital to withdraw its objections to releasing Charlie to his parents’ custody.

The hospital has already lost an enormous amount of public respect and denying baby Charlie’s parents the one chance they have left to give their son a chance of life, will not enhance its reputation.

We will no longer stand for Charlie being at the centre of this political circus and you as our leader need to stand for what is right.

Yours faithfully

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President Trump and Pope Francis have also both tweeted in support of Charlie.

It does make you wonder why we even call people “parents” anymore.

When the government can override your decision to pursue privately funded care, effectively sentencing your child to death, just who is it in charge?