GOP Senator Tim ScottThe Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt is about to enter its final phase.

Once the House passes articles of impeachment, the Senate will hold a trial where Donald Trump’s fate will be decided.

And one leading Republican Senator made this shocking confession about Trump’s impeachment verdict.

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott is a key figure in the Senate Republican caucus as pundits try to figure out if the President’s GOP support will hold in an impeachment trial.

Scott – the only black Republican Senator – has often broke with President Trump on policy and the President’s comments.

After Donald Trump condemned white supremacists at a deadly Charlottesville rally in 2017, but also criticized the left-wing terrorist group Antifa, Scott railed that Trump lost his moral authority.

Scott also engaged in race-baiting smears that killed the judicial confirmation chances of one of Donald Trump’s strongest conservative nominees.

And in 2018, Scott supported increased funding for a national gun registration database.

In short, Tim Scott is not anyone’s idea of a conservative stalwart.

But even a moderate Republican like Scott was unmoved by the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt which culminated with two weeks of public show trial hearings.

“One thing is crystal clear, what we heard this week from the House was — no facts, no evidence, nothing that would lead to an impeachment,” Scott declared. “This is a place where I think all Americans wanted to know: where is the fact pattern that leads to a conclusion of impeachment?”

Scott went on to point out the Democrats actually never presented any evidence.

All their supposed witnesses could testify to was gossip, rumor, and hearsay.

“What we heard instead,” Scott added, “was contradictory conclusions from Vindman and Williams. We heard inconsistency from Sondland. He says there was a quid pro quo, but when he talked about the president’s own words to him, he said the president said ‘no quid pro quo.’”

Finally, Scott revealed that the outcome of any Senate trial would be acquittal for the President because he was “innocent.”

“So I’m not confused, I’m actually more clear that there is no way in the world the Senate … can convict the president… Because he seems to be innocent of an impeachable offense,” Scott stated.

Scott’s conclusions were similar to another RINO Texas Congressman Will Hurd.

On the final day of hearings Hurd stated that although he thought President Trump’s conduct was inappropriate, the Democrats presented no evidence of impeachable offenses.

Scott and Hurd’s comments led many in the fake news media to reluctantly admit that if Democrats could not convince even Will Hurd or Tim Scott to support impeachment, that this crusade was destined to run into a dead-end in the Senate where there was no chance 20 Republican Senators would join the Democrats and vote to remove Donald Trump from office.

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