Democrat Congresswoman Federica Wilson of Florida is at the center of the latest anti-Trump media campaign.

The media is using her accusations that Trump mistreated a Gold Star widow to try and destroy the President.

But she was blindsided by a Brigadier General who shut down her anti-Trump attacks.

Wilson kicked off a national outrage when she claimed Trump had acted insensitive in his phone call to Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson.

Trump was trying to console her after her husband Sgt. La David Johnson was one of four U.S. service members killed in Niger.

The sequenced hat-wearing Wilson ran to the cameras as the anti-Trump media lapped up her attacks and exploited the grieving widow so they could attack Trump.

Wilson even bragged that she was a “rock star” after Chief of Staff General John Kelly ripped her for being an “empty barrel.”

Not everyone was amused.

Brigadier General Anthony Tata ripped Wilson and the media in an interview on CNN for politicizing the deaths of soldiers to score points at Trump’s expense.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Brigadier Gen. Anthony Tata asked why the media is allowing Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson to “stand on the backs of four dead soldiers” during a Monday segment on CNN’s “New Day.”

Host Chris Cuomo asked if White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was given special treatment because he lost his son in battle, and Tata said the issue wasn’t with Kelly but with Wilson.

“I think the bigger question is, why are we allowing a congresswoman to stand on the backs of four dead soldiers. Why are we continuing to dig this hole,” Tata said. “I thought there might be one last refuge of reverence here, and that’s military deaths.”

Tata said exploiting military deaths for political gain is “appalling” and cautioned the parties involved to de-escalate the situation out of respect for the families.

“The idea that we’re continuing to use theses military killed in action combat deaths as a political weapon is appalling to me, so I think everybody needs to put down the shovel on this one,” he concluded.”

The General is right.

The media’s main interest in this story is to bring down Trump.

Instead of respecting the family’s grief and Sgt. Johnson’s heroism, the media’s main concern is undercutting the President’s political standing.

It is shameful.

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