Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.36.27 PMThink taxes are bad in America?

If you said yes, you’d be right. Taxes in the United States are some of the highest in the world.

This of course has everything to do with the vast collection of social programs like welfare, Obamacare, SNAP, etc. we fund with our hard earned money only so socialist Democrats can buy another vote.

And much of the reasons programs like this are even in place is because people helped vote politicians into power who somehow thought they were acceptable.

Part of the problem has to do with education.

The other of course has to do with the media.

Both are responsible for peddling the ideas of their masters (lobbyists and politicians) so they can ultimately get what they want. Which is more power and more money.

Here’s the simple truth. A new generation of indoctrinated and politically retarded voters are quickly reaching maturity.

And because they’re the ones who are in control of the nation in a sense you might really be surprised by how bad things are going to get.

In the video below you’ll notice there are a vast majority of the interviewees who actually support a “white privilege” tax because of all the bad things the whites did back in the day.

Yes, there are Americans who actually think it’s a good idea to tax whites extra just because they’re white.

Even some white people think this.

For some strange and unknowable reason they think a tax on people because of the color of their skin is actually a good idea.

No seriously, watch this and see for yourself!

This is what happens when the government gets so big that people mindlessly buy into their propositions about income inequality and race relations.

There are millions upon of millions of Americans who struggle to meet ends’ meet.

To even hold in one’s mind the idea they deserve to be taxed based on the color of their skin is the most racist thing imaginable.

Imagine if blacks were taxed for being black.

Imagine the outcry. It would be HUGE.

So how is that people of all colors could even rationalize a tax on whites?

It’s because of liberal politicians like Obama who say racial problems are only suffered by blacks and minorities.

News flash. This video proves you wrong Obama.

How mad were you when you watched this?

Tell us below.