Democrats smell blood in the water.

Liberals seized on the coronavirus pandemic to try and settle scores with all of their perceived enemies.

And now Fox News is fighting this lawsuit that could force Sean Hannity off the air.

One of the enduring fake news media lies about the outbreak is the fake news that Fox spread dangerous “misinformation” about the coronavirus in January and February which lulled viewers into a false sense of security.

Liberal critics of Fox claimed hosts – specifically Sean Hannity – helped kill Americans.

The left-wing Washington League for Increased Transparency and Ethics (WASHLITE) – which is based out of Washington State – sued Fox News over its coronavirus coverage, claiming Fox was a menace to public health and endangered lives.

Fox responded to the lawsuit with a blistering motion comparing WASHLITE to the Committee for Public Safety that terrorized Robespierre’s political enemies during the French Revolution and the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s famous novel “1984.”

“Plaintiffs launch a frontal assault on the First Amendment by seeking a gag order and a retraction by judicial fiat against Fox News for airing allegedly ‘deceptive’ commentary about the Coronavirus outbreak. Anointing themselves as both the Committee on Public Safety and the Ministry of Truth, they seek to punish Fox for speech that they deem ‘false’ and dangerous because it does not conform to the official viewpoint of the government and their own proclaimed omniscience and certitude. Plaintiffs request a prior restraint prohibiting Fox from airing future speech that contradicts the government’s proclamations. Worse, they request an order forcing Fox to recant past commentary and affirmatively endorse the government’s viewpoint. They also seek ‘treble damages’ based on vague and unspecified harms that they claim to have suffered as a result of Fox’s commentary. By this lawsuit, Plaintiffs seek to restrain, control, and penalize what commentators and opinion hosts may say about the most pressing public controversy of our time. Fortunately, neither the First Amendment nor Washington state law allows such brazen interference with the freedom of the press. The case must be dismissed as a matter of law,” Fox News Channel’s lawyers wrote.

The left coordinated a multi-front attack on Fox News and Sean Hannity.

In addition to this lawsuit, a New York Times fake news columnist smeared Hannity by claiming a regular Fox News viewer took a cruise after Hannity and other Fox News hosts claimed the coronavirus was no big deal.

The man then contracted the coronavirus and passed away.

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But the comments cited by the Times columnist came a week after the man left for his cruise.

Fox responded with aggressive language because network executives know heading into the 2020 election, the left would like nothing more than to silence Sean Hannity and shut down Fox News for good.

The left wants to control the flow of information during the 2020 election because they think if the only “news” the public receives about the election is packaged and framed by the fake news media, Donald Trump will lose re-election.

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